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Registered Nurse Care Facilitator
Registered Nurse Care Facilitator /CCM, Elyria, OH - April 2, 2015
I started out in 2007 as a floor RN working in the Observation Unit. That job entailed a variable amount of patients per day because the admit and discharge turnover rate was very high. I could range from 1-20 patients in a 12 hour shift. This job was very fast paced and it included all details of the patients hospital stay. I had to make the phone calls to MD, do MD rounds, admit the patient, medication delivery, education and discharge the patient. This job also included handling walk in patients from the outpatient clinic when the clinic was closed. This included things from medication delivery to wound care. At times when the day was slow I also had to float to the ER as needed. I moved over to a new role Utilization Review in 2008. This job was new to the hospital and was in a learning phase at the time of hire. I worked with a team of 8 and we were divided up to split the hospital floors. During the transition I learned all areas of the hospital but ended up managing the ICU/SICU and OB floors. During my time doing this I worked alongside the nurses, medical directors, patients and family members very closely. I helped to start multi disciplinary rounds which were never done before in the ICU/SICU units with great success. Due to the multi disciplinary rounds the patient’s needs were captured very quickly and discharge planning started very quickly and successfully. I worked very closely with facility contacts making referrals to necessary Skilled Nursing Facilities/ Rehab/ LTACH and Hospice facilities on a daily basis. I did work with a Social Worker side by side helping her very closely with help of discharge planning.