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Endeavor is strictly a white-label wholesale professional services provider. It is never Endeavor's brand which is presented to the end-user. Considering that we implement the solutions developed by our customers, our strategy continues to be driven by our customers' strategies and their technology initiatives. That said, we see tremendous momentum – more... in a few key areas. Most are associated with providing additional managed services over traditional access. As a field service company who performs physical layer work (inside wiring and customer premise equipment installation), a potentially unsettling trend is the adoption of wireless technologies. While in its infantile stage at present, eliminating wires in an industry where we do a high volume of wiring installations stands to be problematic if we do not adapt. We have several new initiatives around supporting wireless which will further support our customers' needs as well as assure us future revenue in the face of innovation.

Q. How is IP communications changing your company's strategy?

IP communications changes are building upon traditional access in order to deploy a variety of up-market services. Once the service provider makes the decision that they are no longer in the business of just providing traditional voice service, standard interconnectivity, or dedicated internet access, it's a whole new world - field service can become a revenue center, versus a necessary evil. Many of Endeavor's engagements rely upon traditional access but include installation elements such as secure VPN, point-of-sale (POS) integration, credit card terminal installation, security appliances, ambient music and entertainment-based content solutions. End-users are already accustomed to paying other vendors for installing the services that operate on the access medium, and service providers can easily mask the cost of the access installation in their integration work. This not only simplifies matters for the end-user, but it also provides incremental revenue to the service provider for the managed services required to power the applications. So, in essence, we've built our strategy around the continued evolution of IP rather than allowing IP communications to change our strategy.

Q. What pains does your company solve for customers?

In regard to service delivery, our customers principal pain point is the need to affordably install their services and equipment wherever they have end-users. Customers can leverage Endeavor's team of 9000+ field engineers throughout the U.S., Canada, and Mexico to perform installations and repairs anywhere in North America. Additionally, customers can utilize Endeavor for the staging, configuration, testing, and shipment of the equipment they deploy in conjunction with a professional installation or as a stand alone service. In cases where customers are "ramping up" service or implementing a project creating an unusual peak in volume, Endeavor can perform 24x7 technical support or provide turn-up assistance, which allows the customer to staff independently of unsustainable peaks in order processing. Being a strict wholesale provider, Endeavor's services are priced to either be resold at a profit or affordably amortized in the monthly reoccurring revenue of the customer's service. – lessMore from ZoomInfo »

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