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"We were excited to become one of the first facilities in Texas to implement Remote Supervision of Technicians. Not only has this been a cost effective program it also has provided a consistent pharmacists work force. The Envision pharmacists provide excellent clinical and professional services. I can feel confident that in my absence the pharmacy – more... continues to function as effectively as an on site pharmacist. In addition, clinical programs are jointly maintained or developed with Envision Telepharmacy to best fit our facility needs. We look forward to participating in this new area of pharmacy practice." "Envision Telepharmacy has allowed us to virtually extend our services 24-7 with prospective review of all inpatient medication orders. Their quality of order entry has been truly remarkable. I would recommend them to anyone looking for quality pharmacist prospective order entry for their hospital." "We had been dealing with another telepharmacy company for about 2.5 years. They were a difficult service to deal with . . . Too big and way too impersonal. [Envision] is always calling to ask how things are going and are very quick to respond if there is a problem. . . . I like Pharm-Q [MOM] for the local pharmacist because it lets me know if there is anything to follow up on. It's nice when I get a heads-up on a situation." ". . .Since the start, Envision has been easy to work with and has adapted to our particular hospital and wants to do it "our" way. [The Envision staff] is very personable and driven to show us we, as a team, can work together. I have spent so much time with [the team] trying to hash any little problem out. That sure did NOT take place with our previous telepharmacy service. Nursing is much happier, and I can be gone for the weekend and know that Monday morning will not be the nightmare it used to be." "We love using the Envision pharmacy system. . . It frees our pharmacist up in the mornings when they first come in to be able to spend time catching up with problems and doing more clinical activities instead of frantically trying to get all the overnight orders in. We have had an increase in pharmacist interventions before patients get the wrong drug by having the overnight staffing." "Pharm-Q [MOM] has organized our workload process. My technicians no longer have to waste precious time walking to each department picking up order sheets. This in turn helps Pharmacy get orders entered quickly and nursing has access to medications creating a quick turnover time. Pharm-Q [MOM] creates a great archiving system. We are able to look back at a patient's previous admission orders, as a reference, if he or she returns to our hospital with the easy to use "search" option. I can't imagine going back to our 'old ways'. Pharm-Q [MOM] has been a true blessing to our hospital!" "Pharmacist remote order entry has become a viable alternative for us over the past 2 years. Having experienced pharmacists logged on 24/7 who are not interrupted or distracted during the order entry process can reduce order entry error. Our order turn around time has been reduced to less than 20 minutes. Our pharmacists are now freed up to attend to clinical duties and become more involved with the patient care team. Envision Telepharmacy has become a valued partner in providing high quality pharmacy services in a timely manner." – lessMore from ZoomInfo »

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