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We are one of the largest independent insurance agencies in Florida, offering personal lines of coverage in the state, with access to over 50 companies. Our agency's principals have more than 30 years of combined experience in the industry and our sales and customer service associates are licensed with the state of Florida. If you need insurance, we can help. Our headquarters are based in Central Florida, but we can bind coverage for home and auto throughout the state. Since 2004 we have averaged 800 new clients per month and have approximately $70 million in written premiums. Quick closings and high value homes are a specialty.



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Insurance Agent, Lake Mary, Florida - July 16, 2015
Yes, all the rumors and negative reviews about this place are true... they are HORRIBLE to work for and consider employees disposable. It will be a miracle if you survive past 90 days. Ask around... If you know a veteran insurance agent, they can probably share a horror story or four about this office and the poor management of staff.

To be clear- any positive reviews you see on this website are because employees were asked by management to log into INDEED and provide a POSTITIVE review. Out of 70+ employees... less than a handful obliged. A feedback on a prior negative review implies that people cannot handle hard work. This is just not true. Professional insurance agents deserve better than this sweat shop. They probably would have a lot more negative reviews, but while there are no active job postings reviews are never posted. Maybe they deactivate their account?

The lower/middle management team has no credible management experience and do not have a clue how to communicate with staff in a professional manner. The rules are made up as they go and are applied at will, depending how much the sales manager likes you that day. AND- if an owner questions a process or procedure, management has a way of forgetting your entire conversation. EMAIL IS BEST when dealing with ANY question you may have. The sales manager directly supervises her spouse and best friends, so good luck if you have to interact with any of them. Gossiping managers, unfriendly co-workers and condescending attitudes are a plague that you will have to "just get over". If you attend a sales meeting, you will often hear to "get a thick skin" because you will be criticized and belittled (often to the point of tears) by owners, management and other agents. Agents, even those at the top of the rankings, are scared every day for their jobs. At the very least, they will just take away your bonus to prove a point and make an example of you to the others. Oh, also, there are several different fines they threaten to use if you don't make certain goals. Don't send over 30+ referrals to another department? Monetary fine! Don't sell a wide enough variety of companies? Monetary fine! The fines aren't small either... hundreds of dollars! The owners don't appear to care and there is no HR department. There is an Administrator, but that's just the owner's wife and complaints go nowhere when presented.

The compensation may be a little over Orlando's average, but by the time you factor in your 50-60 hour workweek, you are barely making minimum wage. Inboxes are monitored to death and you are required to keep less than 30-40 email at all times. Most agents login before the office opens to clean up their email inboxes so that they are not criticized by MULTIPLE members of management to "quote faster, reply faster, work faster". The workload is 2-3 times the average for a sales agent for Florida.

The agency expects agents to comply with unrealistic demands in order to make mortgage reps and realtors happy; even if it means compromising the ethical code for our industry. They even paid a loan officer to come in to further explain his demands that we not talk to his clients, let him make all policy decisions and let him present the policy. You are basically an order taker and will quote 150-250 homes per month.

You will be so worn down by insults, constantly changing rules, pettiness and micromanagement that by the time you quit or are fired, you will be ready to leave insurance entirely.

But hey, you might get to eventually work from home. If you have thick skin (AKA can take insults without talking back), want to work 10-12 hour days and are super desperate for mediocre pay- this might be for you. Best of luck to you, truly.


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