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Florida Tile Industries, Inc. is a world-class distributor and manufacturer of ceramic wall and floor tile. Florida Tile also import and distribute ceramic, natural stone, and porcelain products. Florida Tile is Headquartered in Lakeland, Florida, and national distribution center located in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky.



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Work/Life Balance
Job Security/Advancement
Overall good workplace for entry level candidate
Staff Accountant, Lexington, KY - July 19, 2014
I am currently enjoying working at Florida Tile. They have provided me a job in my field coming straight out of college. Florida Tile has enabled me to kick-start my life here in Lexington, while providing me good compensation and benefits.

Since I never have had a "real job" in the workforce, I have gained a great understanding of the "real world". Previously my family was self-employed for 16 years and well, I had it easy working at home.
At first my work-life was overwhelming getting into the swing of things and adapting to being an accountant and having a desk job. I've learned what the demands are of the position and how fast paced it really is. I have made my fair share of mistakes, but I have learned form them and its made me a better employee. I have not really learned how management works, but I believe at times I have been overlooked by management. I perform my job well and communicate with my fellow co-workers very well. While at times it has been a grind having the same job for over a year, it has disciplined me and pushed me to work even harder and be more assertive. The hardest part of my job so far is not having a yearly review like I thought I would. I would rather have constructive criticism, then being told nothing at all. Since this my first real job the most enjoyable part has been the pay. Everyone enjoys making money right, especially when you never have before.
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Lexington Kentucky, United States
$175 Million
201 to 500
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