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About FRAG

GotFrag was founded in the spring 2002 with the intention of providing outstanding coverage of competitive gaming. Since our launch, we have expanded our coverage time and again to include the most exciting and innovative content online. Our focus has been on professional and semi-pro eSports news in the great tradition of sports reporting everywhere. – more... With signature features like Midway's Melee, Behind the Gamer and our Event and League Previews, our readers know that the one place to get the latest and greatest eSports news is at

When we first launched GotFrag, our emphasis was almost solely on providing competitive gamers with news about Counter-Strike. Since then, we have grown dramatically both vertically and laterally. In the summer of 2003,, the leading Day of Defeat (DoD) eSports site ran into a series of difficulties with their site and hosting provider. GotFrag offered to host their site for the DoD community and eventually integrate the site into Version 2 of

With the launch of GotFrag Version 2, our readers can now find the latest news and features on Day of Defeat, Warcraft III, Halo, Call of Duty and Counter-Strike. We have dramatically expanded our content offerings to include Prime (our premium content subscription service), GameVision (a streaming movie theater), and game patches and demos. In addition, our GotGear ( eSports store offers gamers the best pro-gaming gear.

Today, we reach over 2 Million visitors a month and average 10 Million page views a month. We plan to continue our coverage of our leading games and expand into other games that have a competitive following. Our emphasis is and always has been on competitive gaming and competitive gamers. – lessMore from ZoomInfo »

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