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Working at Frito-Lay

  • Nighthawk 700S in Modesto, California 1 month ago
    Currently I have a great opportunity to work at a few big companies in Modesto and out of all of them I'm really interested in Frito Lay. Work culture and co workers are extremely important to me when choosing a job. So before I make my decision I was wondering if anyone who works at this particular plant off of Yosemite could give me some insight about the work culture in the manufacturing plant, are the co workers and supervisors cool? How friendly is HR and management? About me, I'm a very cool and polite type of person, may not be the most sociable as I don't like to get too personal with co-workers but am a great worker and I give respect to everyone. I'm getting back into the manufacturing field and am looking for a plant that has a great work culture and co-workers (I've been at other plants that were not so cool). So on an average day what is it like working here? Thank you.
  • Kingtreesz in Oregon 1 month ago
    It's always hard to know what to expect when going in for that interview -- and preparation can make all the difference. What is the interview process like at FRITO-LAY? Any advice on striking the right note?
  • carytaylor 2 months ago
    I am wondering if the Frito-Lay/Pepsi-Co plant in Casa Grande, AZ pays a shift differential for the 2nd and 3rd shift workers. And if so what the differential amount is? I might be looking at a 2nd or 3rd shift opportunity, but before I do I want to know what they pay for the shift premium.
  • What in Houston, Texas 2 months ago
    What are the average starting salaries, bonuses, benefits and travel requirements like at FRITO-LAY? What do you like best about working at FRITO-LAY? Are there any great perks or special treats for employees?
  • Yolo in Fresno, California 2 months ago
    I see that most comments about this company seem to be related to RSR. However, my husband will be interviewing for a position in the warehouse, likely warehouse operator, in NC. Does anyone have information about how this position is (environment, work hours, opportunity for growth,) at Frito-Lay?
  • JOJO in Victorville, California 2 months ago
    I recently applied for a maintenance position for Frito Lay,and was invited to attend orientation which consist of demonstration competencies in one or more areas of mechanical maintenance from the following groups Electrical - Servo-Mechanical – Pneumatics – Hydraulics – Plumbing – Welding – Machining - Electronics! Could anyone that's been through this test give me some insight on the process please!
  • Interview – 1 reply
    catfish503 in portland, Oregon 5 months ago
    I had an interview a week and a half ago. They told me they would contact me the following week, but I have received nothing from them. I applied for a merchandiser position and had my two interviews on the same day. Does anyone know what I should expect next? Will I receive a letter? Email?
  • Merchandiser/Detailer – 2 replies
    Thurman Merman in Attleboro, Massachusetts 6 months ago
    What is the difference between merchandiser and detailer? I currently work as detailer and rumors are going around that when our union contract is up detailer positions are being eliminated in favor of merchandiser positions.
  • Work environment – 0 replies
    Frito Truth in Hagerstown, Maryland 8 months ago
    There are a lot of people who look into companies and employee comments online prior to taking a job. When I applied for an RSR position with Frito Lay, I scoured the web reading comments by current and former employees. I have been with Frito Lay now for over 2 years and I want to leave some honest and truthful information for someone interested in working for Frito Lay. Looking back, I seriously came close to turning down the job based on what I read online and I am glad I didn't. I'm not going to say an RSR position is easy, but it's not digging trenches either. I start my day between 5am-6am each day. I drive my truck to my stores, deliver the product and then merchandise it (rotate, relocate to keep product fresh). Before I leave the store I enter a new order into my handheld for the next day. When I get back to the warehouse I print those orders and pull the product to load on my truck for the next day. It takes me roughly 6 hours out on the route and 2-3 at the warehouse to load, arrange boxes, etc. sometimes more, sometimes less. The pay is pretty good in my opinion. I gross anywhere from $800 to $1400 each week. In addition, we get full medical, dental and vision insurance. 10 holidays a year and 2 weeks of vacation the day you start. The part that sets Frito Lay apart from other companies is that we get a 401k and a pension. It takes 5 years of full time service to be vested in the pension and I think 30 years to receive the full pension. I have good days and bad days just like any other job but at least I don't have a boss breathing down my neck all day. I find that the guys at the warehouse (and probably online) that complain are the same guys who don't do their jobs. They try to cut corners, abuse privileges or whatever and then when management "manages" them, they complain about the company. If you go to work, do your job, be honest and respect for people and company property then you won't have any problems. What's so hard about that?!
  • Not needed in Willimantic, Connecticut 9 months ago
    Does anyone know what products are produced there? Also what are some pay rates of positions there, specifically corn process operator if they do make corn products. Palletizer or packer rates would be okay so I can see how wages differ.
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Utility Technician (Former Employee), Frankfort, INAugust 25, 2014