Business Copywriter - Columbus, Ohio *ONLY - Powell, OH

This job posting is no longer available on Indeed. Find similar jobs: Business Copywriter jobs - jobs is a crowdfunding platform for startup companies. Entrepreneurs post great ideas for startup companies and then reach out to the public to solicit funding.

A big part of this outreach is based on being able to tell a compelling story to potential backers. We help startups through this process by helping them tell their stories.

Your job would be to work with startups of every conceivable industry. You will need to understand their product offering, the key elements of their pitch, and be able to translate that into beautiful copy that will engage backers.

> Four Key Ingredients

The job comes down to doing four things really well:

Understand New Products. Every startup you work with will have a different product and pitch. It's important that you can easily digest the value of their product and translate that into copy the average person can understand.

Craft Compelling Stories. Each startup on Fundable has an interesting story to tell beyond just their product. Where did the product come from? What inspired the entrepreneur to start this company? Your job is to identify the sources of this inspiration and communicate it within the company's profile.

Engage Startups Professionally. Helping a startup create their fundraising profile is like a mini consulting engagement. This requires walking a client through a structured process, setting expectations and presenting deliverables in a timely manner.

Manage Tight Timelines. Similar to a journalist, our copy requirements need to be turned around very quickly, as often as once per day. The copy needs are relatively light in most cases, and will likely take a few revisions, but are always on a tight timeline as entrepreneurs are eager to start their fundraise.

> Compensation

Compensation includes salary, stock options, and benefits (health, dental vision).

> Our Environment

We work in a casual, fun atmosphere. Not the kind of 'casual, fun atmosphere' that a big corporation tells you about and then sticks you in a cubicle and ties you to some horrible middle manager.

Our offices are located in Powell, nestled over a beautifully wooded ravine with floor to ceiling windows of natural light. You can literally see chipmunks playing while you're enjoying your day.

We've just finished a complete remodel of our offices to create even more open spaces, as well as accommodate significantly more caffeinated beverages in our kitchen. Most days we don't even need to turn the lights on because each room is lit by 2 stories of natural light. Yay, sunlight.

An outdoor patio surrounds the building with deck chairs and picnic tables which is great in the Spring and totally useless in the Winter.

The team is experienced and highly energetic. We are all entrepreneurs ourselves. We want to conquer the world, and we look for people who share our passion.

> What We Do is an online platform for startup companies to crowdfund their companies. Crowdfunding takes advantage of the new JOBS Act that allows startup companies to publicly raise money from individual investors like you and me.

Startups can list their idea on Fundable and use the platform to attract investors to back their companies. Until now, this was a long and painful process that kept millions of great founders and ideas from ever seeing the light of day.

Fundable takes the friction out of the process by connecting startups and backers online, saving significant amounts of time and frustration.

> About Our Founder was built for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs.

Our Founder, Wil Schroter, has built 8 startup companies in the past 18 years from pure startups to companies surpassing $2 billion in sales. His startups include Blue Diesel (nowinVentiv),,,,,,, and Virtucon Ventures.

Wil has been recognized by the Ernst &Young entrepreneur of the Year Award and the U.S. Small Business Association Young entrepreneur of the Year Award.

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