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  • Looking for work in Minneapolis, Minnesota 1 month ago
    hi, i just wanted to let everybody know, that somebody is using GE Healthcare name to post fake jobs on indeed. I sent my resume online on indeed to this fake job and a manager sent me a message on my phone saying he would like to do an interview over Yahoo messenger. That seemed a little weared to me but ok, you never when we started to chat, he was telling me a lot about the company and what my job would be etc. it would be a home office accounting/ data entry etc. job and they would pay for internet and the laptop, but i would have to purchase a software that costs 350 $ and that is where i knew something is not right. so i googled the job posting and there was no GE Healthcare in Hemet CA. I also did some research and it appears that there are a lot of fake jobs out there with similar stories. out!
  • ge_health_plano in Plano, Texas 42 months ago
    I applied in GE Health care in Feb 10, 2011. I got an email from their manager what’s the good time to reach you for an initial phone screening. The phone interview was conducted on March 3rd and then I got another call for an in person interview at GE Health care office in Plano on March 4 probably. I prepared for the it was a technical analyst job . On the 13th my interview was excellent. As I answered all the technical questions very well, right after this they called for a behavior interview and at the end of the interview the manager said excellent. I asked when I will hear from them and they said they will let me know. I got another email for another interview over the phone with one of their managers. She called me late on that day probably 10 minutes late and asked some behavior questions and said that you did well on these questions. I asked when I will hear for a hiring decision? She said it will be just a week more. I got another email from the hiring manager for a in person interview at GE health care Plano with HR. Once again I dressed like a groom and showed up on time. Prepared for all possible HR questions but I was surprised with the number of interview for this 50k job. The next interview lasted around an hour and I thanked him and told him that It was nice meeting him (however it was not) and asked when I will hear from him. He said that we have few more candidates left so right after this. After a week I tried to call and left messages send emails but no reply from them Finally I got another job from another company and they took all three interviews on the same day and next day they offered the job to me but I never heard back from the GE people I knew they were hiring more than one people for fill out their positions. So the purpose of the story above is to tell you that when economy changes people in power start playing with jobless folks. May be its just a fun for them.
  • Robin Shah in Boston, Massachusetts 43 months ago
    I am being interviewed by GE healthcare in Milwaukee for a lead product development role. My Qs: 1. What are the growth opportunities for a technical lead who is not from one of the GE leadership programs? I have over 14 yrs exp but never worked for GE before. 2. What is the typical salary package for a technical leads (HW, SW, Systems in product development)? 3.How is the workplace culture?I assume most of the managers have tech background as they come form GE leadership programs.
  • what_is_this_world_coming_to in Midwest 46 months ago
    Every business has it's own style. What is the office environment and culture like at GE Healthcare? Are people dressed in business casual, jeans and t-shirts, or full-on suits? Do folks get together for Friday happy hours and friendly get-togethers? What is a typical day in the life of an employee at GE Healthcare?
  • Lee Parris in Florence, South Carolina 67 months ago
    email Maybe I can help.
  • Anonymos in Libertyville, Illinois 70 months ago
    I am considering joining GE Healthcare's HQs in Milwaukee WI (in accounting/finance). I am a career driven person and know all about long hours. However, I have a new daughter and am very keen on having a good balance, which I would consider averaging about 45 hour work weeks. Can any one speak to what the HQ culture is like in acctg/finance? Are my expectations reasonable or will I get slaughtered? They have a reputation as a demanding culture. Any help is appreciated...
  • antonio guzman in Denver, Colorado 79 months ago
    I am available to help new or existing customers with new epipment installs. Diagnostic and surgical c-arm and pacs.
  • jobs at ge healthcare – 0 replies
    Mayra in West Warwick, Rhode Island 85 months ago
    how to get in ge healthcare in accounting jobs?
  • Jake_EE in Elyria, Ohio 85 months ago
    What do you think -- is this company going to survive and thrive? Are they looking to expand their staff, or do you think layoffs are inevitable? How does GE Healthcare stack up against the competition?
  • GE Healthcare – 2 replies
    Rick in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 85 months ago
    I recieved a voicemail asking for a job interview, which they scheduled for that afternoon. Was waiting by the phone at the agreed time and never got the call, nor did I ever recieve a call explaining why.
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