Trainer / Account Manager
GAGGLE - Dallas, TX

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Trainer/Account Manager – Dallas/Fort Worth, TX
Client Success Group

What the heck is a Gaggle? Well, technically it’s a flock of geese, but we’re rewriting that definition. We like to think of it as a safe online learning environment used by teachers to communicate and collaborate with their “gaggle” of students. Why? So students are more engaged by using 21st Century technology. Gaggle extends the boundaries of the “classroom” and keeps it interesting! Of course, geese hang out a lot in the clouds, so it just makes sense that Gaggle is a cloud-based software service that schools can access anywhere/anytime. Oh – and our “nest” is located in Bloomington, IL conveniently located between Chicago, Indy and St. Louis.

So what would I do every day? Well, no two days are alike at Gaggle (thank goodness), but there are definitely some things that you will be involved in more than others. Here are a few things you’ll be doing to give you the idea:

  • Teach the Teach! You’ll be training teachers and school personnel how they can use Gaggle to save costs, be more productive, communicate better and leverage class time for students.
  • Wrote the book! Okay, maybe you don’t need to be a novelist, but you’ll be using those creative writing skills and exercising all those grammar rules on a daily basis in front of the toughest of critics!
  • Use cool tech! What did you expect? We’re a tech company! You’ll have a laptop, wifi card and all kinds of gizmos to do live webinars and keep current while you’re on the go.
  • Be a thought leader! You’ll be assisting with presentations in our exhibits at various edtech conferences, and speaking at sessions about 21st Century/social learning topics, as well as leveraging social media.
  • Make friends! Whether collaborating with your team members or helping your clients use Gaggle in their classrooms, you’ll be building relationships every day. Bring your enthusiasm and energy with you – we dig that!
  • Grace under fire! Everyone has “bad hair days” – even our clients. You’ll know how to keep your cool, listen well, and inspire confidence through your problem solving abilities in tense situations.
  • Be an intrapreneur! Bring your experiences, ideas and creativity with you – we’ll need ‘em! Fresh ideas are the lifeblood of Gaggle!
  • Fire in the belly! You’re self-driven, and you track and prioritize tons of tasks with ease, balancing varying workloads. You’ll keep track of your conversations and commitments to customers, and stay organized and connected to your team even when you're on the fly.
  • Planes, trains and automobiles! You’re no stranger to travel, and you’ll enjoy visiting our clients in various cities throughout Texas and the Western US and racking up those frequent flyer miles!

So why join Gaggle? We’re growing so fast we can hardly keep up, and we keep winning awards for our innovative technology. We have a few millions friends that now Fly Gaggle, so we need more help! If you’re up for the challenges above, we offer fantastic benefits for our full-time team members that include all the goodies like two weeks’ vacation, medical, dental, and even a Simple IRA with matching company contributions. How cool is that? Apparently not enough, because we also give our team the whole week off from Christmas through New Years (how’s that for “Happy Holidays”).

We’re no fly by night! We’ve been around over 12-years now, and began serving up safe email (our first product) in 1998. We’ve come a long ways since then, and there are close to 50 Gagglers now, and we’ve had to change “nests” every few years just to keep up with our growth. Gaggle is not your normal company to work for though. We know how to have fun and our team members work hard and play hard together (that’s why our “Board” room has a Wii and bean bags). Bowling nights, baseball games, pizza lunches are just a few examples… and some get a little whacky – but always fun! At Gaggle, our core values include treating people well, hiring exceptional folks and letting ‘em rip, taking risks and providing customer service to the extreme (sometimes it even makes our accountants faint!).

So what’s the catch? Yep, there are a couple … or we’d just grab anyone off the street! Here are a few “gotta have’s”:

  • Been there, done that! This assignment is for the experienced trainer in software or other educational technology who isn’t afraid of speaking in front of large groups. If you’ve created a lot of training curricula before, you’ll have a leg up!
  • Degree of Geekness. If you type like a Banshee, know Office (not the TV show) and use things like a CRM, instant messaging, blogs, texting, email, Skype, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and all that social jazz, you’re geekness rating should be right on par!
  • Goal Annihilator. Yep, we do look for signs that you can be persistent and disciplined, so that degree you worked hard to get will definitely make a difference, and we’ll want to see you put it to use! The learning won’t stop there though, so definitely bring your appetite for lifelong learning.
  • Characters are Welcome. If you’re a hard worker with integrity and an authentic personality who likes working with people, you’re the character we’re looking to find.

Sign me up! Not so fast – but we like your enthusiasm already! Here’s the deal – shoot us over a resume with all your particulars and slap a cover letter on it that shows us what makes you different. Better yet, send us a video cover letter – that would be way cool! Feel free to steer us toward anything that makes you stand out – we’re looking for standouts!

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