Our History

Since 1981, Gnostech Inc. has been successfully providing technical and engineering services to the Departments of the Defense and Homeland Security. Gnostech has a proven reputation for efficiency, dependability, and listening to the customer. Our experienced and talented team of professionals are dedicated to getting the job done right, on time, and within budget.

Gnostech began as an engineering and consulting company in Warminster, PA with expertise in Global Positioning System (GPS) simulations and software. Our first prime contract was awarded in 1982 providing GPS development in 1982. Most of that work was in support of the US Navy via the former BRACed Naval Air Development Center (NADC) in addition to significant work in the commercial sector designing and fabricating specialized monitoring and measurement instrumentation to support manufacturing.

Today, Gnostech has grown from a small team to nearly 80 employees with a sister office in San Diego, CA and support staff in Norfolk, VA, Moorestown, NJ and Philadelphia, PA. We have a presence in 14 site locations in 10 states. Our technical expertise expands beyond our cornerstone GPS experience, extending into Mission Planning, Network Engineering, Information Assurance, and Security Engineering.

Our Guiding Principles

Our Culture

Gnostech’s ability to provide quality services and products to our customers begins at “home”. We place a disciplined emphasis on taking care of our People and ensuring our Business is well managed and positioned for sustainable growth. This tells our Customers that we stand behind our People, our Company, and the services and products we provide.

Our People

Gnostech’s reputation as a company that provides world-class services and products is surpassed only by the reputation the Gnostech team has as being the best and brightest in the industry. Every member is expected to uphold the highest ethical standards, be a contributing part of the team, and become increasingly proficient in their area of expertise. In return, Gnostech will give our employees opportunities to grow, contribute, and be rewarded for meeting Gnostech’s high expectations.

Our Business

Gnostech will achieve and sustain our financial growth objectives without compromising our culture, neglecting our People, degrading the quality of our services and products, and sacrificing our reputation for being a premier technology, engineering, and secure information/knowledge sharing company.

Our Customers

Maintaining our Culture, focusing on our People and, properly managing our Business is ultimately driven by our desire to give our Customers the right services and products they need to achieve their organizational objectives.


Gnostech’s DNA as an entrepreneurial start-up is the key to our continued success. We value creative and novel methods to apply our Knowledge and the Technology we create so our People, our Business, and our present and future Customers can achieve sustained Success.

Our Capabilities


At Gnostech, we aim to safeguard our customers’ information systems and improve their security posture with capabilities that span the cybersecurity and information assurance (IA) spectrum. Our team strives to engrain cybersecurity into all programs we support to ultimately ensure the safety of vital information. We have performed cybersecurity and IA services for all of our customers across the USCG, USAF, USN, USA, IC, and maritime communities, including:

• Certification and Accreditation (C&A) in accordance with DoD, USN, DHS, and other federal directives and regulations
• Vulnerability Assessment and Remediation
• Secure System and Network Engineering Design
• Cybersecurity Operations
• Cyber-Spill and Incident Response
• Cyber-Forensics
• Targeted Cyber Consulting
• Cross Domain Solutions
• Secure Software Development
• Performance of Security Test and Evaluation (ST&E) and Certification Test and Evaluation (CT&E) for C4ISR and combat systems

Software Development

Gnostech continues to perform secure code development in a tightly managed software development environment, based on a foundation of experience, tool familiarity, common code, open standards, and industry best practices. GPS, Mission Planning, Integrated C2 Engineering, and other supported programs rely on Gnostech for secure code development capabilities. Our software engineers are making significant contributions in the areas of Information Assurance tools, GPS real-time-in-loop models and simulations, and JMPS system engineering. Our team also utilizes agile development, which includes processes and tools to expedite development, testing, and delivery of software. This provides greater visibility in the product process, catches issues earlier in the development cycle, and reduces risk to programs. We create cutting-edge solutions tailored to meet the technological and business needs of our customers. Our offerings include:

• Secure Code Development and Analysis
• Cybersecurity Tools and Product Development
• Algorithm Development for Complex RF Signals

C4ISR Systems Engineering

Gnostech provides expertise in the design, development, and integration of C4ISR systems and technologies for the warfighter. Our team has lent engineering and lifecycle support for the Navy Mission Planning System (NavMPS) and Coast Guard programs in addition to providing the warfighter with imagery products and data to support pre-mission planning and post-mission evaluation. We tailor our capabilities to support the specific needs of our customers, thus enabling more effective and efficient mission planning and execution. The end result is a highly superior and data rich environment to support evolving mission requirements. For any supported program, Gnostech provides:

• Technical Documentation and Training Development
• Hardware and Systems Design, Integration, and Installation
• Network Engineering
• Testing and Evaluation
• Engineering Studies and Architecture Support
• Configuration Management and Quality Assurance

GPS Engineering

Leading the way for Global Positioning Systems (GPS) integration and development, Gnostech has provided uninterrupted GPS engineering support to the US Navy’s GPS Central Engineering Activity (CEA) laboratory since 1982. Gnostech develops GPS simulation and testing software, and research engineering solutions to integrate GPS technology on military platforms. Our expertise in the areas of Space, User, and Control is heightened through the development and integration of software and system-level enhancements in addition to robust design. Our GPS capabilities include:

• Simulation and Modeling
• Orbital Analysis and Prediction
• Spoofing, Jamming, and Interference Analysis
• Time and Frequency
• User Equipment Acquisition, Test, and Integration
• Complex, Real-Time RF Signal Simulation
• Hardware-in-the-Loop Modeling and Simulation for PNT Systems
• Flexible Signal Propagation Modeling
• Extensive Receiver and Testing Analysis



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Gnostech Inc. is an engineering and consulting company with expertise in the Global Positioning System user-segment, C4ISR system design, development and integration, information assurance and cybersecurity engineering, secure software development, cross domain and multi-level secure information sharing, and several other tailored products designed – more... 

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