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Productive work environment in the space industry
Ops Controller, Mission Planner, Greenbelt, MD - March 5, 2015
There was not a typical day. The job had rotating shifts. One week midnights, one week evenings, one week day shift, then 4.5 days off. Sat at a console monitoring the health and safety of the spacecraft. On the GRO spacecraft, I was not just the Ops Controller, I was also the Mission Planner. Started my career in the CMF Computer Room, then moved up to Ops Controller on the COBE spacecraft then left when the spacecraft was close to ending its mission and was hired on to the GRO mission. My co-workers were fantastic. Every single person got along because all of us followed "Thou shalt nots" For example, Thou shalt not gossip, thou shalt not ask personal questions, etc. Everyone participated and it was the most rewarding environment I have ever worked in. Management was awesome and treated each person as an individual to be respected at all times. The most enjoyable part of the job was the salary, the people and the job itself.

Nothing hard about the job, yet it was intellectually stimulating.



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