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Every student is unique. Because of this, we provide individualized instruction, which changes academic trajectories and supports character development. This distinct model, along with our low student to staff ratio, allow us to differentiate learning as well as the school experience to meet the needs of each student. While we provide a curriculum, we promote agency over time within the classroom, giving teachers the flexibility to adapt their lessons based on class and student. We believe strongly in a growth mindset and know that every student can succeed in our schools and move through college when they have the right support network, starting with exceptional teachers.

In addition to differentiated instruction, every student at Great Oaks is supported with high dosage, small group or individual tutoring in English and in Math. Students’ tutorials are built into their class schedule and are in addition to their traditional class periods. These tutorial sessions provide another layer to each student's support system and these sessions are led by recent college graduates who have chosen to commit to a year of service through the AmeriCorps program.

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About Great Oaks Charter Schools

The mission of Great Oaks Charter Schools is to prepare students to succeed in college. What sets Great Oaks Charter Schools apart from other charters is the use of a high-dosage tutoring model implemented by the Great Oaks Tutors Corps, a group of recent college graduates dedicating a year of service, who provide daily tutoring to every student. At – more... 

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