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Community MANAGER, Virginia - November 8, 2014
They claim they are this small family oriented company, well they are a company but that's all. They are more concerned about surveys then they are about the employees or the residents. The owners and the executives are totally uninvolved with the sites or the employees. Upper management trust no one, and they hire people to be puppets and to hide the conditions of how bad these apartments are. You will get NO support from the main office. Anything you need approval on will sit in the VP,s cluttered desk for months. Each time you ask for approval or status you either get ignored or they blame you for not sending the information only to have to resend time and time again. I worked for several years with the company, receiving awards for employee of the year, and yearly exceptional written and verbal reviews. Then after putting in complaints to uppermanagement regarding the unfair treatment of employees and giving them my opinion, I was "laid off". Reason given: the employees don't feel comfortable. Really... "They "..all of us feel uncomfortable working with this company. It's not on site, it's upper management that creates the tension and the distrust. They sent out surveys to the employees asking how they felt about management and soon after the lay offs began. Well unlike them, we were honest and told them what they needed to here. Hopefully they will soon realize the need for change in upper mgmt and finally create the "family" oriented company they claim to be.