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It was an outdoor and indoor job- I like being a part of the outdoors- I love smell of the outdoor campfires and meeting people on the campground
Winton Woods Campground Housekeeper, Cincinnati, OH - January 8, 2015
I feel that my job on the campground was a great experience. I learned new skills as a housekeeper such as- driving a housekeeping cart, unloading and loading in an organizational fashion ( I was organizer before that though), new cleaning products that I had never heard of before and which ones work great, how to be more accurate and observant, pay more attention to detail, and working in all kinds of weather. My housekeeping supervisor was wonderful and we got along great. She was very understanding , friendly, organized, and did her job well. My co-workers were very friendly and did their jobs (just like me) We became acquainted with each other and later on enjoyed each other's company. We got along great too. The hardest part of my job was that it was a lot of physical labor- on your feet all day, stooping, bending, lifting, cleaning on a deadline, moving at a very fast pace and only getting paid minimum wage for all that labor. I'm use to it though. All of my past jobs have been on my feet and I like it too. I do not like to sit down all day. The most enjoyable part of my job was -there was only room for 4 housekeepers and I was selected to be one of four housekeepers. Hard to do. I love the outdoors and I enjoy being a part of it. I still love to clean too!