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great benefits, they cared about being fair
Casino Operations Supervisor, Cherokee, NC - February 6, 2014
Harrah's Cherokee Casino was a great place to work, I have often regretted having to leave there. at times they were very demanding but what good job isn't. The upper management there didn't act like they were above line level employees and would at times when business demands were high would put on uniforms and help out in areas where their badge status would let them, like valet cars and even pick up trash in the public areas. There were a few issues over the years with some managers trying to overstep their authority, but it was handled in a professional manner and very swiftly by senior management. All employees that were terminated had the right to a board of review to make sure that all rules were followed and that they were not victims of harassment. The board consisted of an employee peer, a member of management that was part of the process, an HR representative, and a member of employee relations(a department created to ensure all policies and procedures, state, federal, and company are up held to protect employee rights). and over seeing the board of review was a tribal gaming casino liaison. If the employee was tribal the employee peer and management personnel would also be tribal unless the employee requesting the board requested other wise to make sure there was no bias due to tribal hiring and firing rights. Nothing is perfect but overall it has been the most responsible place I have worked for.
Train was an essential part of working there. In order to move into management you must have proper training and take monthly classes to ensure that all federal, state, and company rules are followed. everything from safety and security to SARC were covered. They tried to keep employees abreast of any up coming changes when they could, and made sure everyone had training on new machines and changes in policies.