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Work/Life Balance
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A place like most of its kind. Hard working, challenging but fun.
Lead X-Ray Tech / MA, Miami, FL - July 19, 2015
Leading/directing/supervising/orienting/training Medical Assistants / X-Ray Techs into their daily performance. Assisting Physicians during procedures while helping patients.

When I arrived in this company I had already learned most of what my position requires through 15 years of experience but in this company I learned the challenge of making an extremely busy floor running efficiently while understaffed. It makes me think I can survive any stressful environment in this field. I learned that any hard working environment can still be fun.

My managers where very demanding, very firm but just and they leaded through example of hard dedicated work. I ended up being personal friends with all of them outside of the facility while acknowledging at all time their over raking position in the professional venue.

We had to work so extremely hard that we ended up becoming an incredibly strong team. It was a proved effective way to accomplish and comply with the daily workload. Most of them are my present friends.

Working understaffed. The workload was definitely greater that the human assets available to accomplish it. Although sometimes overwhelming, we made it work.

I personally, enjoy human relations. The most enjoyable part was making patients laugh while enduring serious health conditions, becoming well-acquainted with most of them and with my peers. My specialty is making fun the most stressful situations.