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A decent job for what it's worth
Product Specialist, Ellisville, MS - May 1, 2015
This job is pretty decent and it's a good job overall, but there are always going to be some minuses to companies. The work is usually pretty easy and normally straightforward, unless given any special instructions that could change the entire mood of the project. The smoothness of the project can also dictate the project as well, depending if they are easy to work with or hard to deal with; either way, we can work with the situation regardless of the contact's demeanor.

I've learned quite allot from working with this company, from mechanical repair to basic electrical wiring to operating Excel to improved communication skills. You can learn a good amount of skills from this job, especially if you're just coming out of college; it can teach you repairing skills for medical equipment and installing company made software on the thin clients or All-in-One's for a better experience when using the their product. Retrofitting newer equipment onto older equipment is another role in our position, which allows us to get instructions, process them, and brainstorm on ways on how this new equipment can work on the older product models.

The management of the company is so-so. Most decisions that come from them are usually last minute and forgotten memos, such it's a very unsettling experience. There's also a great lack of communication and assumptions that happen in the management seats as well, but recently, it's gotten better. The co-workers I've worked with are usually hardworking and very dependable guys, and we all pull our weight when we're on-site. There have been...altercations on some projects, but there's been very,very few of them though as well, none going above mild verbal disagreements. The co-workers you work with are definitely a plus when working with this company.

The hardest of the job, like said, is the unusually last minute changes to the schedule, or decisions that were made well afterhours. Another part that could be considered a stressing deal would be the weekly air travel. You fly out at the beginning of the week (Monday) and you fly back home at the end of the week (Friday), leaving you only two days to rest and prepare for the next week; however, you don't rest much as you have reports that you have to complete and washing your work clothes for the next week. After several weeks of this continuous pattern, you do become wore out a bit and you don't really start a project at your best state. Forgotten and/or incorrectly installed parts is another problem, in my opinion, that plague this job as well, as it can cause you to stay on-site longer than expected, costing more money in the process.

But, the most enjoyable part of the job that I'd say, unarguably, is the travel to different cities and states. It's a really nice experience that most people don't get to do in this lifetime.