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Huitt-Zollars makes its dollars as a design firm. The company provides a wide spectrum of services including civil, traffic, mechanical, electrical, structural, and environmental engineering; construction and program management; surveying; landscape architecture; and architectural planning. Clients include government agencies, institutions, private – more... corporations, and industrial firms. Huitt-Zollars has worked on a variety of projects such as schools, airports, highways, and urban development. The firm operates throughout the US, with 15 offices in Arizona, California, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, and Washington. E. Larry Huitt and Robert Zollars founded the company in 1975.

Huitt-Zollars was part of the project to fill in nearly 10 tunnels that crossed the border between the US and Mexico. All of the tunnels were discovered since 2003.

The company has completed or is working on several projects for the US government, including a new national cemetery for the Department of Veterans Affairs, and development work at the Army's Fort Bliss in Texas. – less

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