Research Scientist – Behavioral Pharmacology
Hyperion Biotechnology, Inc. - Silver Spring, MD

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Hyperion Biotechnology is looking for a Research Scientist – Behavioral Pharmacology to work in the lab at WRAIR to design and conduct militarily relevant research to investigate the capabilities of novel pharmacological compounds to mitigate the effects of militarily relevant disorders with particular emphasis on stress disorders (PTSD).

Responsibilities – You will:

  • Prepare and obtain approvals for scientific animal-use protocols for the conduct of research, design and conduct animal studies, collect and analyze data from research studies, present preliminary findings at military and national scientific conferences, and serve as author or coauthor on manuscripts resulting from data collection efforts
  • Assist the Team Leader and other researchers and staff in the Department of Behavioral Biology, WRAIR, involved in RAD III-related scientific investigations through collaborative research efforts and participation in Department and research team meetings and conferences.
  • Provide scientific expertise in behavioral pharmacology, animal models of stress, PTSD, experimental psychology of learning and memory, cognitive and general performance testing and assessment in animals, neuropharmacology, neurophysiology and advanced statistical analyses. Conduct animal research studies to include writing protocols, executing protocols, analyzing data, and writing manuscripts.
  • Perform literature searches and literature reviews as part of protocol development and manuscript writing process. Demonstrate fluency with conversational and written English specific to scientific communication as required for successful written research reports for publication and oral presentations.
  • Work with highly specialized instrumentation to implement animal studies including construction and programming of behavioral procedures such as operant conditioning, elevated plus maze, radial-arm maze, water maze, acoustic startle, discrimination learning, conditioned suppression and others.
  • Perform standard descriptive and inferential statistical analyses, such as advanced mixed-model ANOVA, using computerized tools such as SAS. Produce graphical representations of collected data and summary results using PC-based computerized tools such as SigmaPlot, etc. Must have familiarity with the use of Microsoft Office programs including Excel, Word, Access, and PowerPoint.
  • Must be able to work independently and with minimal supervision but under the coordination by the Team Leader. Must be able to function effectively as a member of an interdisciplinary team composed of researchers from a variety of backgrounds/institutions including WRAIR, MRMC, NIH, and various universities and other research facilities.
  • Must be able to train and/or coordinate technical staff members in animal research areas emphasizing stress disorders (e.g., Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)).
  • Design graphics for illustration of study designs, processed or summarized data, etc. as necessary for the preparation of manuscripts for publication in refereed journals, poster presentations, technical publications etc.
  • Travel as part of duties to locations inside continental United States. Travel will be for purposes of developing collaborations, executing research, and participating in scientific meetings/symposia, etc.

Qualifications - You must have:

  • PhD in Experimental Psychology, Neuropharmacology / Pharmacology, Neuroscience or related field.
  • Two years of research experience in an animal laboratory setting. The contractor should have at least two publications in the peer-reviewed literature demonstrating scientific merit and relevant expertise.
  • Knowledge and skills in Behavioral Pharmacology, Experimental Psychology, Neuroscience and animal models.
  • Knowledge and skills necessary to train research assistants responsible for executing a variety of behavioral assessment tests required by the studies, including but not limited to operant conditioning, elevated plus maze, radial-arm maze, water maze, acoustic startle, discrimination learning, conditioned suppression.
  • Knowledge and ability to personally perform any tasks necessary for an experiment including those mentioned above.
  • Knowledge and skills necessary to formulate and administer pharmacological compounds to a number of animal species including, but not limited to, rodents.
  • Knowledge and ability to perform tasks associated with the collection, collation, analyses and summation of data resulting from the experimental manipulations.
  • Knowledge and ability to create computer database files for the purpose of analyses and archiving.
  • Knowledge of, and skills/ability in, inferential statistics and statistical software packages for the purpose of data analyses and database management.
  • Knowledge of Behavioral Pharmacology, Experimental Psychology, Neuroscience and animal models necessary to understand and implement research objectives.
  • Ability to formulate and organize ideas in order to design and produce coherent manuscripts.
  • Knowledge of and skills in presentation techniques including design, construction, and actual presentation (i.e., public speaking) skills.
  • Knowledge and ability to incorporate computer generated illustrations into a written document.
  • Knowledge and understanding of relevant databases and accompanying analyses.

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