Principal/ Senior Consultant, Pharma Path To Market Design
IDEA Pharma - New York, NY

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IDEA Pharma is the industry's leading path-to-market design practice, the first Contract Planning Organization - taking any molecule and helping understand the best way to make it into a medicine for patients. ('Best' needs a lot of work, of course...) So, what we do is full of purpose, excitement and complexity, and we need people like us.
You will be aware that path-to-market design is a discipline. And, like any other discipline (surgery, architecture, classical music...) you will know that people who do it a lot will tend to be better than someone doing it for the first time. You will be aware that considering technical, regulatory, andreimbursement challenges is just the first step, and that diagnostics, biomarkers, devices, portfolio considerations, etc., just make the task less suited to the first-timer...
IDEA is changing the way that the industry thinks about early phase. We can only do that if we continue to provide the place that path-to-market design experts can do their best work, focused on that discipline. Our vision is that IDEA Pharma becomes the default planning partner for companies taking drugs into phase II - a better option than trying to do so internally...
We're also (unlike any consultancy) prepared to stand on the quality of our work: entering partnership agreements, shared upside agreements, etc., so *we're rewarded for the quality, not quantity*, of our work.
IDEA is all about *possibilities*: what are the possible ways that we could take this medicine to market. We're also, therefore about possibilities for people who want to do better work, in what is the world's most exciting industry.
(We're not for everyone: not every client wants the challenge of getting every detail right as they head towards market- they're the ones we leave to the agencies and the management consultancies. This an environment that is focused on people, human interaction and real innovation.)
Take a look at our statistics, in the Company Description. If you'd like to be part of the revolution, we'd like to hear from you.

(Oh: do read the website before you apply. If you don't show you did the research, we're inevitably going to be less than excited about your application. We're looking for people who can show they have some passion...)

Desired Skills & Experience

You must be prepared and able to develop several path-to-market options per molecule/ technology, work through the So Whats (clinical, commercial, regulatory), and help the client team make the best decision (so you have to be able to get beyond the 'obvious' path pretty quickly, and work your way through all of the possibilities). Working with a multidisciplinary team at IDEA, you may come from a commercial background, a clinical one, regulatory, market access, etc., but most importantly you'll understand the interdependence of all of those disciplines.
You'll need amazing interpersonal skills, a deep understanding of the pharma industry, great experience of having done this before, a sense of humour, no pretensions...
You'll probably be frustrated at the decision-making that pervades most of the industry, and wish you could do something about it...

Company Description

IDEA Pharma: innovation by design, not by chance | "Because no-one ever launched a molecule..."

3/4 of the drugs FiercePharma calls Blockbuster Contenders (November 2011), more than 1/2 of the 50 fastest growing drugs in the past 5 years. We're here to make a difference.

Vision: 'No More 1 in 4' - the industry can't afford to keep launching 3 drugs that don't repay investment for every 1 that does.

A product entering phase II has a probability of technical, regulatory and commercial success. Understand it. Improve it.

IDEA Pharma is the Phase II specialist, transforming the probability of commercial success for any molecule.

Working from Phase IIa to develop strategic positioning, differentiation, value proposition, path-to-market options and the strategy that underpins launch, IDEA Pharma clients benefit from the industry’s leading product design capability. And enjoy themselves along the way…

Areas of industry leadership include:

  • Path-to-market design
  • Portfolio/ disease area Strategy
  • Strategic Positioning, Brand Strategy
  • Launch, Market Access Planning
  • Scenario planning, Strategy pressure test

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