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IDEA Pharma: innovation by design, not by chance | "Because no-one ever launched a molecule..." 3/4 of the drugs FiercePharma calls Blockbuster Contenders (November 2011), more than 1/2 of the 50 fastest growing drugs in the past 5 years. We're here to make a difference. Vision: 'No More 1 in 4' - the industry can't afford to keep launching 3 drugs that don't repay investment for every 1 that does. A product entering phase II has a probability of technical, regulatory and commercial success. Understand it. Improve it. IDEA Pharma is the Phase II specialist, transforming the probability of commercial success for any molecule. Working from Phase IIa to develop strategic positioning, differentiation, value proposition, path-to-market options and the strategy that underpins launch, IDEA Pharma clients benefit from the industry’s leading product design capability. And enjoy themselves along the way… Areas of industry leadership include: • Path-to-market design • Portfolio/ disease area Strategy • Strategic Positioning, Brand Strategy • Launch, Market Access Planning • Scenario planning, Strategy pressure test

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