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Special Education teacher, Indianapolis, IN - July 17, 2015
A typical work day consisted of arriving early, getting the classroom prepared for the day which was 99% of the time already complete from the night before, greeting my staff and informing them or review anything that they needed to be aware of concerning our students. Go down to the buses and gather my special needs students from the buses and guide them back into our classroom. The day consisted of teaching prepared lesson plans to my students for math: such as telling time, the use of money, adding, subtracting, etc... and Language Arts skills such as reading, listening, computer skills, writing skills, Social Studies, Social Skills, and games or group activities. The day also included special area classes such as Music, Art or PE, lunch, recess, and then we prepared to leave for the day. On special occasions we celebrated birthdays and holidays. What I learned is to be flexible, tolerant, and above all patient! My classroom was well organized, maintained and managed. The hardest part of my job was satisfying my staff and keeping them happy for they had a tough job and did not get paid enough for what they did. Loved my students for they were the joy and reason for coming to work each day and my boss/principal who was so supportive and caring! Overall it was a tough, challenging, yet very satisfying job that I loved!



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