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Network / LAN Administrator, Redding, CA - May 5, 2015
Typically a day at work will consist of putting out fires on the Staff side of our dual network, and those that involve our Student Network side. They are separate. I learn something every day based on a dual network system requiring my attention on both sides each and every day. I have come to understand that management has our students pinned as our "Customers" which is correct as they are!However that also makes this matrix one of the hardest parts of my job and responsibility there. Because we have two separate networks, staff and student, which run off of two different servers, internet providers, printers etc. it can be difficult at times determining which is the ultimate priority. If the staff cannot teach utilizing our technology, there is a serious problem, however if the staff network is down, we also (as is understandable) have an issue as well. I think what makes my job so enjoyable, believe it or not, is deciding and correcting the correct issue to keep things moving. It is the challenge, the arriving at the right decision between the two that manages to keep them both working under the circumstances.