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Integrated Computer Solutions, Inc

About Integrated Computer Solutions, Inc

ICS specializes in helping companies develop and deliver business critical applications. Our customer´s applications tend to encapsulate proprietary business knowledge that provides a competitive edge in the marketplace. This knowledge cannot be purchased in shrink-wrapped form and requires the development of custom applications by professional – more... developers. These applications tend to be very sophisticated, requiring the best developers and tools.

With a customer base of over 8,000 companies, ICS products have been used by most of the Fortune 500 and the Global 1000. Here is just a sampling:

Making sure that airplanes keep flying is about as business critical as you get at Boeing. One result of this mission: Boeing Aircraft standardized on a corporate-wide basis on an ICS product for user interface development. Developing a competitive advantage in animation is one of the primary objectives of the Core3D Technology Group of Walt Disney Feature Animation. The Modular Framework for Animation (MFA) provides the core toolset for custom animation development for each new Disney production. ICS products are playing a key role in this development effort. An ICS product speeded the development of an application used by the FBI to establish links between seemingly unrelated crimes. At the Goddard Space Flight Center, Hubble Space Telescope engineers are working to streamline and modernize overall operations and ground support systems in order to substantially reduce operations and system maintenance costs by the year 2000. One of the key initiatives of this effort is to rewrite the control center software to allow Internet access to the most recent engineering telemetry data via the Internet. An ICS product played an important part in the rewriting of this application in Java. Inter-National Research Institute (INRI) develops battle management software and tactical decision aids for both military and civilian use. If you saw the Stephen Segal movie "Under Siege," the combat system displays seen on the battleship were running INRI´s product Cartographer(TM). This business critical application was built with the help of an ICS product. The new computer controlled switching system for the Boston subway system, the MBTA, was developed with an ICS product by Allied Signal. Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI) controls their 2-ton Tiburon Remote-Operated-Vehicle (ROV) at ocean depths up to 4,000 meters using an user interface that was built with ICS products. NASA used an ICS product to control the user interface for the control of the Mars Rover. Thanks to a new touch screen interface built with the help of an ICS product, Wall Street brokers have a new way to enter trades, and extract information from their computer systems. The new interface is the front-end to QV Trading Systems´ New York, NY) trade entry and risk analysis system. SimGraphics is a leading developer of innovative real-time character animation and visualization products for the entertainment and communication industries. ICS products are used to create and maintain the highly creative and sophisticated graphical user interfaces of SimGraphics´ Vactor Xpression product. The best on-time performance. The least number of customer complaints. The lowest number of lost bags. For the past three years, Southwest Airlines has stood at the top of all three lists, as compiled by the U.S. Department of Transportation. Defending this record required the development of a new flight scheduling system. An ICS product played a key role in speeding the development and delivery of this business critical application. – lessMore from ZoomInfo »

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