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Work/Life Balance
Job Security/Advancement
Really hard place to work, no work life balance.
Commercial Installer, St. Louis, Mo. - August 5, 2013
I wouldn't recommend working for this company at all. They will start you out really low on the pay scale, but the benefits are good. The environment is a harsh one to work in because you are constantly
being micro-managed and there is always a fellow employee wanting to throw you under the bus because everyone is constantly walking on pins and needles about losing their job. The operations manager is the worst manager I have ever worked for, he will find a way to make you look bad if a job doesn't go his way. The salesmen are constantly underbidding the job, always the wrong parts, and the most crazy part is getting enough wire to complete the job which doesn't make since at all! They always have mandatory overtime and many times you get told with one or two hours left in the day so you don't have time to find a last minute baby sitter, then if you can't work last minute overtime management wants to fire you. If you are desperate for a job and don't mind having terrible management over your shoulder then knock yourself out! You can learn a lot here but that's the only positive thing I can think of. There are no bonuses or anything extra, not even a Christmas party to show the employees are appreciated, you might get a screwdriver you already have for a present if you are lucky! The bottom line is if you can survive micro-management, being thrown under the bus by your co-worker, and saving jobs for idiot salesmen then it's the place for you.


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