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Work/Life Balance
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Johns Eastern Company
Insurance Adjuster, Florida - May 6, 2015
Johns Eastern Company is a good company; an employee becomes part of the Johns Eastern Company family.

Johns Eastern Company has good management and does everything they can to help you do your job well in a timely manner.

Johns Eastern Company has good benefits.

Adjusters that work for Johns Eastern Company have no settlement authority; everything must be approved by a manager. Many of the adjusters work from home. The system that Johns Eastern Company uses is outdated; however, it is functional. They are working on getting a updated claims system.

Based on my experience, and based on comments from other Johns Eastern Company adjusters that I have spoken to, most adjusters work well beyond the 40 hour work week. Instead of paying adjusters overtime as the law requires, Johns Eastern Company provides a bonus plan based on how many hours an adjuster billed each quarter. Some adjusters are able to get a bonus around $4,000 because they worked significant hours beyond the 40 hour week work.

The adjuster case load is high.

Johns Eastern Company managers review everything an adjuster does because they care about high quality work. They will not allow sloppy and poor reports to go out of the door. Johns Eastern Company expects and demands high quality work every day on every case.

Johns Eastern Company adjusters are required to write a detailed report on every case that is "open"; some reports are required every month until the case is closed. Other cases, depending on the type and progression of a case, reports can be written every six weeks.

Most reports to the carrier must be revised by the handling adjuster after management has reviewed the adjuster's report because quality and significant detail makes the carrier happy!

Because of the number of hours worked over and beyond the 40 week work, Johns Eastern Company pays on the low end of the scale.