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Karner Psychological Associates

About Karner Psychological Associates

At Karner Psychological Associates we provide:

Highly trained and licensed Psychologists, Counselors and Social Workers who provide services of all areas of mental health for kids, teen, family, adults, couples and group therapy including drugs, alcohol, anxiety disorders, depression, addiction, ADHD, PTSD, OCD, learning disorders, children's behavioral
 – more... problems, parenting concerns, bad habits, autism, alcohol addiction, relationship issues, marriage counseling, family counseling, personality disorder, traumatic stress, grief counseling, sexual identity issues, adoption counseling, co-dependency counseling, sleep disturbances, obsessive compulsive, hyperactivity, borderline personality, phobias, antisocial behavior, pain management, disabilities, substance abuse, life coaching, and more.

Specialties include:

Psycho-Educational Group therapy, for Further Skill Development
Specialty Groups for Mental Health Education, Stress Relief, Wellness and Personal Health
Life Coaching: Maximize Your Potential in Your Personal and Professional Life - overcome challenges, model positive behavior and improve personal health and overall mental health and wellness
Kids Corner: FAQ's from kids and teens - plus online games
Parenting Place: A place just for parents - learn best practices for mental health wellness for you, your family, child, kid, teen
Mental Health Information, Links and Suggestions on Various Psychological Challenges

The psychologists, social workers and mental health specialists of KPA all have advanced degrees in their areas of expertise, are fully licensed and certified by New York State. Each of these esteemed mental health professionals brings numerous years of clinical experience to our parents, kids, teens, couples, adults and group therapy participants. This insures that you and your family will receive quality mental health services regardless of your individual needs.

Please be sure to check out each therapist's unique background, interests, and areas of expertise under Our Clinicians.

With so many counseling professionals, there is sure to be someone here at KPA who fits your mental health and counseling needs. You can refer your family, friends and colleagues to us with confidence.

If you've already scheduled your first appointment, you can save time at your first visit by:

Visiting our Karner Care Welcome Packet area to read about our policies (including your patient privacy rights), and download the mental health, counseling client information forms to fill out in advance of your first counseling session. – lessMore from ZoomInfo »

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