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KCG offers leading services designed to address trading needs across asset classes, product types and time zones. As one of the world’s largest independent market makers, we combine advanced technology with exceptional client service to deliver unique liquidity, lower transaction costs and improve pricing. For every order, we provide a solution, whether market making or agency, lit or dark, voice or automated. We build the connections that deliver maximum value for our clients and create more efficient, resilient markets around the world.



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Work/Life Balance
Job Security/Advancement
Ability to multi-task in a high pressure environment, analyzing news and research to make informed decisions for profitability while servicing clients
Designated Market Maker, Vice President, New York, NY - September 29, 2014
A day at the office consisted of being aware of broad market and stock specific news relative to your book of products and how it may affect a particular company's trading. I would then head to the floor to set up my trading station before the market open at 9:30. Avoid any technical issues and inform NYSE community professionals and customers of any relevant news affecting certain stocks or sectors. Client services included reaching out before, during and after market hours with any detailed trading information. I've gained valuable insight about many products and technologies during my career on the NYSE. Management was fairly easy going provided you didn't have any risk management, compliance, and/or client/customer issues. The hardest part of this job was making decisions under stress, managing profitable and losing trades, while serving the floor community. The best part of the job was interviewing for and winning newly listed products of the NYSE. I believe my experience and adaptation to a constantly changing marketplace in a fast paced, volatile venue contributed to the overall success of my career.
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