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  • fleet in Elgin, Illinois 4 months ago
    Do you work at Kelly Services? How did you find the job? How did you get that first interview? Any advice for someone trying to get in?
  • HR Pro in Houston, Texas 4 months ago
    How is the company culture for Kelly Services in Houston, TX? Is there internal growth for the Houston Market? If you have worked, or are currently working for Kelly in the Greater Houston Area post your salary/wages here. Please be honest. Thank you!
  • TempCitizen in Houston, Texas 4 months ago
    I got an email from local Kelly office inviting me register for job opportunities. I thought they were finaly getting back to me about a job I had applied for months ago. I completed the online application and called office to set up appt. I got in, they had my name nd the names of two others on a board welcoming me in. I fill out paperwork, take skill set tests. Scored pretty good...had 2 that score basic and the resr were internediate or advanced. The girl (woman) I dealt with told me to wait for "so-n-so" in the room to do a brief interview and get copies of my license ans s.s card and blank check. So-n-so interviewed me by asking me generic questions like "What are your 3 strengths?" She scibbled down what I said on the back of another paper. She asked me what I was looking for and how much I wanted to make. I told her and then right away she tells me that she had a job that someone was supposed to have started today and didn't show. She thought I'd be perfect because I wanted to get my foot in the door at a medical facility and this job would do just that. So she said she was faxing my resume to them and we finished things up and I watched a short video. When I got done, she said she didn't hear from anyone yet. So I left thinking that I was going to get a call. Well, no call...I call at #;30 to ask some questions and inquire about the job. They say the guy has been in a meeting all day, we'll hpe to hear something tomorrow. Well, tomorow came and no call. I call the office around 4:00 to inquire. Well, still haven't heard anything. The woman says wait til Monday. Well, since finding this board I'm am starting to think I've been played. Is there really a job or not? Why was she offering me a position when they have hundreds already waiting for the same job? Is this what they do to new folks to make them think that Kelly is full of jobs and you are so lucky you came here!?
  • TempCitizen in Houston, Texas 4 months ago
    I am disgusted when I read the financial statements of Kelly Services. They continue to profit millions each quarter off the backs of temporary employees. Kelly Services has come up with some very creative "Workforce Management Solutions". It seems that Kelly Services gets to operate under a variety of business titles. On one hand they can act as an employment agency, placing people into permanent positions and collecting a one-time fee. And on the other hand they can be YOUR employer, acting as an employee leasing agency, which means they DO NOT HAVE TO FOLLOW THE LAWS put in place by New York state regarding Employment Agencies. Therefore they are allowed to keep as much of your pay as they want to. * They DO NOT have to pay you health insurance, * They DO NOT have to pay you any vacation time, * They DO NOT have to pay you any sick leave time YOU GET NOTHING!!!! Kelly Services is a PIMP!!! It is disgusting how this company can be allowed to get away with STEALING money from people. * They abuse the Unemployment System, by laying people off, forcing them to collect unemployment * They abuse the welfare system, by creating and enabling low paying jobs, which force people to rely on government services. Carl T. Camden, President and Chief Executive Officer, announced revenue for the fourth quarter of 2010 totaled $1.3 billion, an 11% increase compared to the corresponding quarter in 2009. Revenue for the full year totaled $5.0 billion, a 15% increase compared to the prior year. The fourth quarter of 2009 included an extra week which reduces the quarterly and annual comparisons by approximately 5% and 1%, respectively. $5.0 BILLION?!?! All the while, taxes are rising, unemployment is increasing, welfare roles are piling up, foreclosures continue to wreack the nation, and an "EMPLOYMENT AGENCY?" Profits Billions!?!? I DONT GET IT!!!!
  • prendede in Vallejo, California 4 months ago
    What are the average starting salaries, bonuses, benefits and travel requirements like at Kelly Services? What do you like best about working at Kelly Services? Are there any great perks or special treats for employees?
  • Worse Company Ever – 102 replies
    SA in Lynn, Massachusetts 4 months ago
    I was not happy at my current job, however, it was not so bad were I needed to jump ship immidiatly. Kelly Financial promised me a position at Clorox as a Payroll Admin, with a promising future. I met the Kelly Recruiter at a coffee shop because he was so desperate to place me. Not realzing the scam.... They have a in house Kelly recruiter onsite at Clorox, and they bring people in left and right. I lasted 2 days, and was asked to leave with no explanation at all. They never contacted me, except I used my maiden name on my new resume and they called me for the same frigin job, not realizig who I was. This company is a Joke!
  • Speak out about Bad Employers in Clementon, Illinois 12 months ago
    Hello, I was offered the apple at home technical support advisor with Kelly Services. I start in november. It is a full time job but there's no contract or job duration listed. Does anyone know how this works? How long will this job last, is it just for the holidays? I'm so lost. going to ask the dept soon.
  • Temp Agencies – 72 replies
    Jan Yladvik in Chicago, Illinois 14 months ago
    Not impressed with temp agencies---- They never call you EVER! I have applied with so many and I am more than enough qualified --- They are such a turn off --- All of them
  • Kelly Services S*cks! – 8 replies
    Blue Ray in Mansfield, Massachusetts 15 months ago
    I signed up with Kelly Services well over 2 months ago and they still don't have a job available for me. I call my "recruiter" every week to see about a potential job and she always gives me a slight attitude, like she doesn't want to be botherd by me. If I leave a message on her voice mail, she never calls me back. OfficeTeam is no better and a waist of time to. Can anyone recommend a staffing agency that will really help me?
  • NO work in Windsor Locks, Connecticut 20 months ago
    I take great comfort in knowing I am not alone in dealing with this shady and unprofessional staffing agency, if you'd even call them such. I was scheduled to take a 4-6 month contract position, but after finding out that the company I was suppose to report to is being sued by the FDIC, for fraud, and other unethical business practices, I informed the gal I was working with that I couldn't work for such a company and that I wouldn't be reporting. Granted I gave her very limited notice, but I'm also a college student, and technically it's in HER job description to research the companies and business practices of where she is going to place her candidates. Nonetheless, I received the rudest e-mail from her with her stating to me that she was uncomfortable considering me for future positions due to my lack of communication with her. What's so ironic here is that I was doing HER job by researching this company, and when I asked her why she did't disclose to me the truth instead of practicing deception, as I would have rejected the position on the spot, she ignored my question. Instead, she painted this position as the perfect job, with a good salary, but she failed to disclose that the company she is sending people to work for has such ill repute (they were featured on 60 minutes this past April, 2011) and are being sued by the FDIC and multiple states. That reflects negatively not just on her and her apparent ineptitude to perform her job, but also on Kelly Services as a whole. After her rude e-mail I could only smile that it placed her in an "unfortunate" predicament, as the job she has candidates placed in will place them in an "do not hire" predicament since they will now be guilty by association with this unethical company that Kelly Services is in bed with. I'm thankful to be back to doing my own search and to know that I am not alone in my sentiments towards this joke of a company. I'm considering filing a formal complaint.
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