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Management needs to get their act together
Order Selector, Warwick, RI - April 4, 2015
I was hired via a staffing agency. Kenney Manufacturing knew I had no warehouse experience but hired me. They fired me after barely a week because I didn't meet their apparently high expectations.

They said my orders weren't being done fast enough but my supervisor said that's be normal at first. They showed me how to do 3 types of orders. I literally only did one of them on a second day and did the other two on only one day.

They didn't warn me my job was on the line. No ultimatum. No nothing. My supervisor even spoke to me as if I had time, literally telling me about how long before I could be a permanent hire; on my last day he assured me that I'd remain an employee if the guy I replaced came back from an injury.

I went to my agency on a Friday to get my paycheck, was told that Kenney had let me go and that the day before was my last day. Kenney couldn't even tell me themselves. The whole thing seemed odd and I felt very BS'ed and may have been a scapegoat