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KHI Services Inc

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KHI Services, Inc. was founded in 1971 by a group of dedicated Montgomery County, Maryland citizens, as a shelter for runaway boys. The board of directors quickly discovered there was a much greater need in Montgomery County, to provide intensive therapeutic interventions with adolescent boys who exhibited behavior problems of all types. The outgrowth – more... of this planning was the Karma Academy for Boys which opened in 1972 and continues to serve the state of Maryland. This program serves 13 boys between the ages of 14-18.

A number of young men who graduated from this program have gone on to successful careers in all walks of life. A recent graduate has gone on to culinary school. He enjoyed the cooking instruction provided by our staff so much that he decided to make a career as a chef.

Another young man came to us with no musical background or interest, but because of the excellent musical program provided by Montgomery County Public Schools, developed an interest in flamenco guitar, and now is pursuing music in his college career. Another young man returned, as an adult, to serve on the board of directors, until his untimely death.

Many young boys come to us with no hope or desire to complete high school, and in some cases, have already dropped out of high school. Many young men have turned their lives around as a result of the support they received from KAB. Obviously, not every young man that enters our program leaves with loft goals or becomes successful, but each young man that successfully completes our program is a young man likely to be a contributor to society, and not a burden to the tax-paying public.

Since then a number of programs were added to and taken out of the mix. Currently KHI Services operates two residential programs and two outpatient substance abuse clinics. Please visit the Step Ahead Program pages, the DWI/DUI pages and the Karma residential program pages for information on these other programs.

The KHI Services, Inc. counseling philosophy involves clients and families in a social support model of service delivery. Since our inception our sole purpose has been to address the needs of our clients and families, not just the client actively involved in our services. As a result, we believe our ability to provide a positive source of support lies not only with our staff, but with family members as well. Our overall programmatic success can be traced to this philosophy. – lessMore from ZoomInfo »

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