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King Solutions, Inc

About King Solutions, Inc

King Solutions, Inc. specializes in helping individuals, small businesses, and executives discover their full potential and use the "now" to create the future. Professional coach and entrepreneur Ian King enables people to hone and develop their ability to be in relationship, primarily with themselves, and then with others, to propel them – more... forward in all aspects of life.

Ian's philosophy is modeled on the premise, that by shifting and aligning closer to who we really want to be, we actually move almost automatically to success at the same time. Sometimes people feel that on one side is who they want to be, on the other side is success, and in between is an insurmountable chasm. They feel they must let go of who they want to be, and continually change who they are, in order to achieve success. Instead of changing who we are, we have to be more of who we really are. Then, appropriate action steps can be chosen, and success will be a byproduct.

Ian's belief is that our vision, both personal and professional (world), must be so compelling that we can't not do it.

Ian has created a proven coaching process with supportive tools, to assist his clients in narrowing and eventually eliminating the chasm between who they want to be, and their personal concept of success. To create conscious, actionable steps, Ian utilizes a wide variety of resources in his coaching approach.

Approaches are developed to fit the following areas:

Leadership Development
AD/HD Teens & Adults
Business Management
Sales Systems
Team Building
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