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Volunteering today at Second Harvest Heartland today in Maplewood! Land O’ Lakes donated a pound of food for every point the Lynx scored this season to those in need. That’s a lot of food! Great partnership!!
As a farmer-owned co-op, we have a lot to celebrate today. Join us in saying "thanks!" Link in bio. 🌽❤🐄 #NationalFarmersDay #ThankAFarmer
TOMORROW is #NationalFarmersDay! Join us in spreading the ❤. Link in bio.
Since 2014, the Global Food Challenge has engaged 31 future leaders in the challenges and opportunities facing agriculture in the coming decades. With the global population growing to 9 billion people by 2050, agriculture needs the best and brightest to innovate to feed us all. And because no industry is more central to health and wellness, sustainability, marketing, technology and engineering and more, former emerging leaders are challenging their peers to rethink what they know about agriculture to help close the talent gap.
Melanie Zanto, a single mother of four, is a smallholder farmer. Like many of her neighbors, she’s tried to raise chickens before, but without access to vaccinations, her entire flock died. Trained by LIVES, she now has over 50 birds. And, she’s also been trained to be a Community Livestock Worker, earning additional money by becoming the local go-to resource for animal health services, and better access to vaccinations. As Melanie says, “Before, I did not have enough skill or knowledge to take care of my chickens. Now I do. With this extra money, I can now feed my children.”
Answer Plot® in Lake Vermillion, SD.
Grace Kunkel is taking calls from the honey bee hives this afternoon. Set a little way back from the barns, it’s peaceful in the sunny field, apart from the occasional curious bee doing a fly by.
“One almost dinged me!” she says. “But it’s beautiful out here. I have two people helping me in the field today. We’re a new team and we’re growing. But I find myself being pretty hands-on at times, taking care of the bees.”
As a research scientist, Grace’s job is to plan and run research trials at the Purina Animal Nutrition Center in Gray Summit, Missouri. Each of the farm’s three honey bee sites house about 20 and 30 colonies, with about 40,000-60,000 bees per colony. That’s a few million bees if you’re counting. Feeding and caring for them all is a year-round job that keeps this researcher busy as, well, a bee.
And Grace is about to get even busier. This fall, the Purina team will be launching a first-of-its-kind product—Purina® Hearty Bee™, a supplement meant for use by commercial beekeepers.
“This is my first product launch!” says Grace. “After being at Purina for two years, and seeing how far this whole project has come, I feel very proud to be involved. I’ve learned so much about marketing and had the chance to help develop the marketing plan and materials. It’s all new to me and I’m loving it.”
In 2012, Humphrey was looking for a career change and found Land O’Lakes through an online posting. There was a position open in Supply Chain Finance in Dairy Foods, and he realized he already knew people at the company. He reached out to his network and became more excited about Land O’Lakes.
“Coming to Land O’Lakes, as someone from a different part of the world, I wanted to take my learnings and contribute to something greater. There is a greater good here to be a part of: feeding the world in light of population growth and finding solutions for resources needed for food production,” says Humphrey.
Humphrey’s first position at Land O’Lakes was in Finance for Dairy Foods. In 2014, he saw an opportunity to pursue a role on the Corporate Strategy team, tasked with working on the company’s three year plan, mergers and acquisitions and other strategic projects. He transitioned to @winfieldunited in 2016 which brought him the chance to utilize both his financial and his strategic business skills from his previous positions.
“You can have longevity, and you can have change, not just one or the other. That’s the real value of rotations within the company—this learning, development and application of new skills,” says Humphrey. “I’m happy to rotate and change roles as I grow as a business person.”