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About Law360

Law360, published by Portfolio Media, Inc. is an online daily newswire that covers breaking legal news for a sophisticated audience of business lawyers at firms, corporations and government agencies. Since its beginnings Law360 has experienced remarkable success and growth. Our diverse editorial staff, responsible for delivering concise, around-the-clock – more... news coverage, has quickly made Law360 a dependable resource for legal practitioners.

Ranked by the New York Enterprise Report as one of NY’s Top Ten Great Entrepreneurial Places to Work, Law360 focuses on creating a challenging and rewarding workplace in which our employees thrive. Our unique hiring process has brought together some of the most talented and innovative professionals in NYC.

Law360 is currently hiring additions to our Editorial staff and Sales team. To learn more about our company and current opportunities, please visit our website at

Portfolio Media Inc, is an Equal Opportunity Employer. – less

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