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About LeadiD

LeadiD has a unique and singular vision: To allow Lead Sellers and Lead Buyers to operate in a mutually trusted environment.
A lead with good data (even if the data itself is validated by outside companies) is not necessarily a good lead because the lead could be: Fraudulent, duplicate, oversold, old/recycled, non-compliant, incentivized, low intent,
 – more... or fake altogether.
As a result, the current lead market is highly inefficient: Good leads are discounted, and bad leads are subsidized. Good Lead Sellers cannot realize the true value of their leads, while bad Lead Sellers are incentivized to do bad things. Lead Buyers are frustrated with the wasted energy, expense, and opportunity cost of processing bad leads, as well as managing complaints; Lead Sellers are frustrated with getting returns, having to integrate into multiple pre-ping systems, and the bad apples that are causing the trust issues in the first place.
If you are a Lead Seller, LeadiD Create allows you to prove that you’re selling high quality leads, and LeadiD Pre-Audit allows you to know the Lead Buyer’s decision before even posting the lead - all without exposing any of your proprietary data.
If you are a Lead Buyer, LeadiD Audit allows you to make the best real-time decisions about the leads you buy, without compromising any trust with your lead suppliers.
So, why use LeadiD? Whether you’re a lead generator, lead aggregator, or an enterprise that buys lots of leads, you should use LeadiD if you want to be able to operate in a fully trusted environment, eliminating the inefficiencies, and maximizing the monetization of your opportunities. – less

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