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  • Miss Frustrated 2 days ago
    Hi-I am new here-I have had all my interviews and have passed the assessment am told that they have been waiting for three weeks for my background check to be completed. As of yesterday, my recruiter said they are still waiting to verify my high school info. High school was 21 years ago-is this a real valid response-or am I getting jerked around. Please any feedback would be appreciated. thanks!!
  • Cka 10 days ago
    Hi everyone! I have an in person interview in Boston next week for a Business Systems Analyst position-already had a phone screen with a hiring manager. Has anyone interviewed for a similar position at Liberty Mutual and have any insight on what I should expect? I know I am meeting with two department managers.
  • jobseekir 14 days ago
    At the 7 business day mark I requested an update on my interview status and this is what I received in reply. Does it seem hopeful? I have read throughout the LM Forums that if you don't get the position the notify you fairly promptly through email that they have chosen other candidates. I'm hoping this is a good sign! Thank you for speaking with us regarding the position. We'd like to keep you informed regarding the status of your application. At this time, a hiring decision is still pending and we hope to have a decision soon. We will continue to keep you updated on your status throughout the process. If you have additional questions, you may contact me. Thank you for your continued interest in our company. Regards,
  • jobseekir 23 days ago
    Hi everyone! Hopefully some of you have stories to share :) I have done my phone interview and in person interviews, and yesterday was contacted by HR to start background check process. From reading other posts here, I see 2 common experiences: 1) this means I am being considered for the job, and 2) the LM background check can be a long process. What was your experience with the LM background check? How long did it take? Did you pass? Any glitches along the way? If you did not pass, what reason did they give? This has been such a long drawn out hiring process... I'm worried about passing on other offers and the this falling through. Thanks in advance for any responses!
  • Low Credit Score – 1 reply
    prettyblessed 1 month ago
    i have an interview this week at LM for life & annuity assoc. my bg is spotless, very clean but my credit score is low, due to my student loans. does any body know if they still hire under these circumstances if you are the right candidate?
  • Ruby Slippers in Las Vegas, Nevada 3 months ago
    So this is what my experience was like applying for Liberty Mutual customer claims rep position. I had a phone interview and that was fine. Then I go in for 4 hours straight to first meet with two managers at once and they fired SO many questions at you...behavioral questions one after another. Then you do a written assessment and then a computer one. After that you watch someone do the job and if all this wasn't already torturous enough you then meet with ANOTHER manager who asks you a ton of questions after all this. So then after spending 4 hours of my day there they couldn't even tell me when I'd hear something. A couple days later I get a GENERIC REJECTION LETTER through EMAIL...that's right...through email. I called the recruiter because I wanted FEEDBACK and he never called me back. I mean come on you spend your whole day there and the company can't even give you the respect and courtesy to give you feedback and tell you why they didn't hire you. What a HORRIBLE company. Just TERRIBLE. I personally have a bachelors degree and 5 YEARS of work experience in what they were looking for. And I answered all their questions and was very professional. I know that I am very qualified for that job and instead they made me feel horrible about not even thinking I was worth a call...only thing I was worth was a generic email. I'm glad I didn't get this job now. Would NEVER want to work for a company that treats people so DISRESPECTIVELY. STAY AWAY!!! BTW they also lie about the job salarys on the website. They give you a big range of 34,000 to 50,000. Expect the LOW $35,000. Such a deceiving company.
  • Anon in Boston, Massachusetts 3 months ago
    Does anyone know if orientation (prior to starting actual work) is held in the old office building in Boston?
  • Overthinking in Baltimore 4 months ago
    I'm hoping someone can answer this for me. It's similar to other things I've seen posted in this forum but nobody has asked them in awhile so maybe processes have changed. I have been waiting approximately three weeks now for liberty mutual to update me on the status of my application. I passed the phone screen and was interviewed in person. A manager called me and offered me a position as a Customer Claims representative and told me the offer was contingent on passing background. I was told the process would take approximately two weeks. I received confirmation that the background check had come back and got my copy of the report. Liberty was unable to contact one of my former employers and asked me to send a W2 and pay stubs to verify a timeline which I did. This was on a Tuesday and I received a response Wednesday morning of week three that the paperwork had been received. It is now Friday afternoon closing in on 5 pm and I still have not heard anything. I emailed the recruiter last Friday who told me she would let me know if and when she heard something. I'm not sure if paranoia is setting in or this is just typical process for a larger company. Can anyone else shed some light on this for me? The background check did state they were waiting for a letter to be mailed to my former employer to verify employment but I thought my W2 would be sufficient to continue the process. Thanking you all for any and all help!!
  • Blessed in Naperville, Illinois 7 months ago
    What is the background check process like? Do they check all of your past employment information? What forms do they make you fill out? Do they require additional references outside of the regular employer information?
  • extremelytickedoff in Garland, Texas 8 months ago
    Do you work at Liberty Mutual? How did you find the job? How did you get that first interview? Any advice for someone trying to get in?
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