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  • Hailey 3 days ago
    Hello, I had a interview yesterday in Baltimore for a position. I was wondering what everyone things about this. It seemed like they were interested and talked about the location if I get hired where I would be and all. I guess I am more gearing towards the question how long does it take for them to usually call back. They said they will be in touch but just so tempted to put my 2 weeks notice in at my current job. Any advice or help with this question. I read that some people interviewed on a monday or tuesday and got job offer same week is this the case for most or can it be more than that?
  • Chums 4 days ago
    Does anyone know what the relocation package is for LHM at this time? All the jobs I have applied for offer relocation, but I cannot find anything online about what the package includes. I was contacted by a recruiter and now in a holding pattern waiting to be contacted by the hiring manager. Also I still have my military move still available. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Erik
  • Employment – 0 replies
    Patrick 9 days ago
    Why is it,,,Every time I apply for a decent aircraft. Job online,,,I get this "An error" has occurred" please try again later? I have over 28 plus years of Jet engine,and F-16 Aircraft experience,and cannot get a nod.I have also worked on the JSF Program in the earlier stages of development.What does it take to at least a "No" we are not interested!!!!! Frustrated....
  • Brenda 19 days ago
    Please do not respond to this if you are not going to be helpful. I am a college student that has recently received a second round interview with Lockheed. I am not a drug user, but have taken painkillers ~3 weeks ago for a sports related injury (left over prescription from years ago). I know that this will not show up in a urinalysis, as it has been too long, but would show up in a hair follicle test. My question is this: Does Lockheed Martin conduct pre-employment hair follicle drug screens?
  • GT_Aero 20 days ago
    Hey everyone, So I was recently flown out for an on-site interview for an engineering position with Lockheed Martin. The job seemed like the perfect fit and both of the interviewers really seemed to like me. The interview went really well. At the end they gave me their cards and told me they would be giving HR their decision next Wednesday (which was last Wednesday) and that I should be hearing from HR on a decision. So my question is how long should I expect to wait on a decision? I've heard that Lockheed Martin often spends some time doing a background check and/or putting together an offer package before contacting candidates. I've really only had one job (TA) and have no criminal background so I can't imagine the background check will take too long. Also, would it be fine to contact the interviewers or HR to ask about the my status for the job? I feel like the engineers (future bosses if I get the job) who interviewed me could probably just tell me if I got it instead of waiting for HR for a decision.
  • Lockheed ELDP – 7 replies
    The Don 1 month ago
    Hi guys i just graduated college and got a job offer from Lockheed to be part of engineering leadership program. However this program is in owego NY (yea middle of nowhere). so i figure i can suck it up for a year. My question is for anyone whos been in the ELDP please explain what it is and how it works. also when you can change to another location. since its rotational do you have to apply to move to another branch or some thing different? Thanks a lot.
  • Waste of my time – 8 replies
    Recruiter Bob LM 1 month ago
    I was invited to interview for four similar entry-level college positions at Lockheed Martin within the time span of about a year and a few months. I interviewed for three of those positions with Lockheed Martin within less than one year. The locations were different, but the company procedure is the same. A recruiter or site manager will call on the phone and ask if you are interested in the position and the location. If interested, the recruiter will e-mail a link to a website for booking air travel, hotel, and rental car (at Lockheed Martin's expense). The interviews lasted about 30 minutes. The questions were different from one interview to the next and mostly behavioral, but only somewhat related to the positions. The questions were mostly related to team work, employee diversity, and other situational behavioral questions. Location One: I applied for one job through the Lockheed Martin online career site. A manager called for an unrelated position and location, in order to recruit me. He contacted a recruiter to arrange an onsite interview. I told the recruiter that the interview date would conflict with my schedule. She had a bad and unprofessional attitude. Ok no problem, I did not interview for the position.
  • Marcus Sullivan 1 month ago
    Lockheed has fascinated me since I started researching the company. One of the most significant accomplishments of my professional career would be to somehow land an interview with Lockheed. Can someone that works in Lockheed provide me your contact information so that I could possibly pick your brain? Ideally I would like to know what some of you that are currently at Lockheed did to obtain your position within the company, what you do there, and where you see your position taking you a couple of years from now. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!! A little bit about me: I'm a 3rd year Aerospace Engineering student at University of Michigan. I am currently interning at General Dynamics, and I love it here. Aviation and Space systems are my passion so I am just seeing how far I can get with this. Again, thanks for taking the time to read this!
  • Dahc Lumans 2 months ago
    I am curious to find out if I recieved an offer for a position with lockheed at a different facility than the one i was layed off at, does taking the new position with lockheed remove me from my recall status. Was an assembler electrical at the fort worth facility and was layed off in jan of 2013. I know i am on the recall list and have recently verified my position, but in the mean time i have an opportunity to come back to the company with a position at the Marietta plant on a different program. Ultimately the goal was to come back to lockheed in any capacity so it will be a win win regardless however i was intrested in knowing before i sign an offer letter, if doing so would mean i would give up my postion in the recall for fort woth by taking the position in Marietta.
  • Recruiter Bob LM 2 months ago
    Hello everyone, I was wondering what would be a good indicator that a position has been filled. On some of the positions that I applied to their corresponding job status shows "Open" but once I enter the Requisition # on the Job Search engine the search comes up with zero results as if the position has already been filled. Any comments and/or suggestions are always welcome. Thanks!
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