Flight Medicine Physician
Los Angeles AFB, El Segundo, CA - El Segundo, CA

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CCMS Staffing is seeking a candidate for an upcoming full time position providing Flight Medicine Physician services at Los Angeles AFB.


- Successful completion of a minimum of 10 years active duty U.S. military Flight Surgeon experience, which must be within five years of date of hire.

- Current board certification in Aerospace Medicine, Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, Emergency Medicine, Occupational Medicine, or Preventive Medicine is required and must be maintained.

- Active duty Flight Surgeon experience must have included: sufficient experience in Air Force medical standards to conduct special operational evaluations, including (but not limited to): PHA for flyers/special duty personnel, initial certification exams for flying/special duty applicants (including foreign military personnel attending US military training, initial health screening for foreign military personnel attending US military training), aeromedical disposition for flying/special operational duty, conduct adaptability rating assessment for military special duty applicants, apply AFI 48-123 and AFI 10-203 (including profiling and duty restrictions as Profile Officer), primary care for active duty personnel and their family members.

- Former Army and Navy Flight Surgeons with 10 years active duty Flight Surgeon experience, and former Air Force Flight Surgeons who have been separated or retired more than 2 years, must attend the portion of the USAF Aerospace Medicine Primary (AMP) course required for active duty flight surgeons transferring to the USAF from the other Services before they will be granted Flight Medicine priveleges. (Exceptions: Air National Guard or Air Force Reserve Command Flight Surgeons who are currently credentialed in Flight Medicine by the ANG or AFRC may utilize their current Flight Medicine credentials in the Flight Surgeon's office while functioning in a civilian Flight Medicine physician role. The current ANG/AFRC flight medicine credentials must be maintained to allow continued function in the civilian Flight Surgeon physician role.).

Type of Work:

- The flight medicine physician shall provide health care to beneficiaries assigned to the Flight Medicine Clinic, Occupational Health Clinic, or other civilian Flight Medicine physician positions as defined by the MTF. These tasks include performing primary care and occupational health clinician duties and the associated administrative tasks.

- Care shall include but not be limited to continuing, comprehensive health maintenance and provision of medical care, including preventive medicine, behavioral health, occupational health, and community health.

- The civilian Flight Medicine physician may become the primary care manager (PCM) for a panel of patients. As a PCM, the flight medicine physician will be the primary person responsible for the management of the health and wellness of his/her assigned patients. Duties include:

1- Examination of patients, formulation differential diagnotic plans, defines and orders required diagnostic testing.

2- Interpretation of examination findings and test results, and implementation of treatment plans.

3- Determines need for consultation and assists in medical care and treatment provided at the direction of other specialists.

4- Approving/disapproving subspecialty referrals.

5- Directing case management activities.

6- Answering patient telephone consults with the assistance of clinic staff.

7- Providing primary and secondary preventive maintenance care.

- The Chief, Flight Medicine Clinic will assign specific duties/patient care assignments, and other duties deemed necessary. All inpatients will be admitted as per the local MTF instructions.

- Diagnose and treat a wide-range of adult acute and chronic diseases and injuries including but not limited to conditions of the:

- Skin

- Pulmonary System

- Head

- Gastrointestinal System

- Eyes

- Musculoskeletal System

- Ears

- Genitourinary System

- Nose

- Reproductive System

- Throat

- Lymphatic System

- Neck

- Central Nervous System

- Cardiovascular System

- Endocrine System

- Psychiatric and Behavioral Health

- Perform medical procedures to include, but not limited to, the following:

- Basic Life Support and Advanced Life Support

- Secure and maintain an adequate airway, to include endotracheal intubation

- Cardioversion of life threatening arrythmias

- Simple minor surgical procedrues: punch biopsies, excision of skin lesions

- Simple abscess incision and drainage

- Nail trephination

- Sling or swath injuries

- Lumbar puncture

- Suture simple laceration

- Suture removal

- Cryotherapy

- Nebulizer treatment

- Bladder catheterization

- Cultures (throat, wound)

- Remove ocular, nasal and ear foreign bodies

- Clearing of ears by flush technique

- Reduce simple dislocations and fractures, when appropriate

- Bandaging of sprains, minor burns, and minor lacerations

- Perform venous punctures for lab studies and interpret results

- Draw arterial blodd gases for evaluation and interpret results

- Administer intravenous, intramuscular and subcutaneous medications as appropriate

- Stabilize and evaluate cervical spine injuries as appropriate

- Splint and stabilize traumatic injuries to extremities

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