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Lutheran Volunteer Corps

About Lutheran Volunteer Corps

LVC was created as a program that focuses on placing volunteers in the inner city areas of the United States. Currently, LVC accepts applications from agencies located in Baltimore, Chicago, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Milwaukee, Oakland/Berkeley, CA, Seattle, Tacoma, Washington, DC and Wilmington, DE.

Does LVC only place volunteers at faith-based organizations?
 – more... Are all volunteers Lutheran?

While LVC does place people at faith-based agencies and churches, volunteers work in a variety of settings including shelters, youth programs, environmental organizations, medical and legal clinics, alternative high schools and education programs, housing agencies, food banks, and advocacy groups. Through LVC these organizations receive talented and committed full-time staff,workers they could not otherwise afford. Volunteers are not required to be Lutheran. LVC is open to people of all faith traditions and perspectives. About two-thirds of volunteers come from Lutheran backgrounds. Some may not identify with a particular faith or denomination. LVC asks volunteers to be open to exploring and experiencing their faith with others.

What do volunteers do after the program ends?

For many, the LVC experience is the beginning of a life-long commitment to working for justice and peace. Some volunteers continue on as salaried employees at their placements while others seek positions in other social service agencies. Others go on to graduate school to pursue careers of service (social work, education, law, medicine, seminary). There is also the opportunity for a second year of volunteer service. In general, volunteers gain valuable work (and life) experience that is well respected and helpful in whatever they choose to do next.

Where does LVC get funding?

The LVC operating budget comes from many sources. Approximately 33% of LVC's total budget comes from placement fees for placement agencies. Additionally, individual donors give 32% of the budget, congregations give 16%, and ELCA divisions give 9%. The remaining 10% comes from miscellaneous sources.

LVC is a Reconciling in Christ organization.

LVC does not discriminate due to ethnicity, race, creed, age, culture, disability, economic class, gender, or sexual orientation. As a Reconciling in Christ organization, LVC strives to be actively welcoming and supportive of volunteers who are gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender and asks that our placements join us in this effort. – lessMore from ZoomInfo »

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