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M. Leco & Associates Inc. offers a variety of services that promote fiscal fitness in health care institutions. All of the services are designed to improve a hospital's billing accuracy and to enhance its bottom-line revenue. We have been in business since 1982. Our hundreds of satisfied customers include some of the most prestigious medical centers – more... in the United States. We guarantee our results; and are willing to base our fee on our performance. Most of the services we offer are self funding, since they result in net revenue gains for our clients.

APC Revenue Recovery utilizes proprietary data-mining software to identify errors in paid outpatient Medicare claims, and your hospital receives all the re-billed revenue.

Charge Process Review for Cardiac Catheterization innovative new service that improves efficiencies, ensures compliance, and enhances revenue.

Charge Process Review for Emergency Departments is a redesign and simplification of your Emergency Department charge capture system. It typically increases your E.D. annual net revenue by $20 per patient visit. Emergency department staffs love it. We automate their charge capture process and free their time for better patient care.

Charge Process Review for Surgery Departments is a redesign and simplification of your O.R. charge capture processes. Our improvements in billing accuracy typically add $80 per surgical case of additional net revenue. We can also apply our CPR service to your ambulatory surgery facility, anesthesia department, patient acute care unit, or endoscopy lab.

Coding Audit and Compliance Review provides a quality control audit that validates the accuracy of your coding and assesses compliance exposure. Choose a comprehensive review or target specific departments.

Denied Claims Analysis verifies the effectiveness of your Clinical and Administrative Denial Process and helps you win the battle against denied claims.

Denied Claims Solution is a turn-key answer to all of your denial problems. We use our proprietary denial-management system in conjunction with our team of managed care contract experts, utilization review nurses and collection recovery specialists to effectively pursue every denied claim within the tight time constraints allotted by the insurers. By appealing and aggressively pursuing repayment of every denied claim, we will increase your cash flow and maximize your rate of recovery.

Lost Charge Recovery adds "found" income to your bottom line. Indemnity bills and percent-of-charge managed care bills are seldom complete due to "lost charges". We find those missed charges, bill them to the payers and recover the revenue. We can also provide this service on a concurrent basis to insure clean and accurate billing. We can even eliminate the nuisance of fourth party defense audits by providing the trained expertise to defend against erroneous claims and to limit your liability.

Managed Care Recovery reviews your paid contractual bills for payment errors and misinterpretations of contract terms. We use proprietary software plus a staff of experienced contract experts to recover the underpayments and denied payments. If you have your own contract management system, we can handle the billing and recovery of the underpayments identified by your software.

Managed Care Recovery for Implant Billings enables you to get all entitled payments for implantable devices such as pacemakers, infusion pumps, stents, breast implants, penile implants, radiation seeds, intraocular lenses, and more.

Medicare Transfer DRGsreduces transfer DRG payment errors and ensures you receive all revenue rightfully due. – lessMore from ZoomInfo »

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