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M.a.p. Employment Solutions, Inc

About M.a.p. Employment Solutions, Inc

M.a.P. Employment Solutions was founded on the concept that a business can be guided by personal values. In fact, we are convinced that an executive firm that operates from a position of knowledge and integrity is invaluable for any company striving to follow the path from the ordinary to the great.

That concept has led us to develop three goals of
 – more... equal importance:

First, to work with our clients as equal partners
Second, to help people improve the quality of their lives
Third, to help companies build viable teams

It is, furthermore, the dedicated pursuit of these goals that distinguishes M.a.P. from other firms.

At M.a.P., we operate with the knowledge that all of our goals are inter-related. We can only help a candidate personally if we help a client build a team.

To help our candidates, we must have their trust and respect. Our initial interviews, therefore, focus exclusively on a candidate's best interests. We act as career counselors. It is to this end that we have developed a long-range training program for our own people.

When contact is made, we speak our candidate's language. We understand what they do and how they do it. We never send out resumes without prior approval. Confidentiality is taken seriously at M.a.P. because we deal almost extensively with candidates who are currently employed. For this reason, we can often arrange client interviews in our own offices.

The single most critical facet of our relationship with our candidates, however, is our genuine interest in them as people. And this, ultimately, earns us their trust and respect.

To help our clients build viable teams, we have to take their business as seriously as they do. We train our people to understand how our clients' companies may be structured - how the lines of communication run, and what the duties and responsibilities might be for each person within the chain of communication.

In the end, though, building teams for our clients depends on the human factor - our deciding if a candidate has the right "chemistry" to fit into a company.

Quality information and excellent customer service go hand in hand at M.a.P.

A well-trained staff works diligently to expedite solutions. Personal Account Managers, assigned to each client, ensure superior customer service on an individual level.

Above all else, our number one asset at M.a.P. is our customers. Our employees' commitment to excellence is at the heart of M.a.P. Standing on the principles of integrity and hard work; the people of M.a.P. value our clients' trust and will stop at nothing to assure that it is earned.

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