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  • Peter 10 days ago
    A few years back Manpower listed a sweet job in my area for one of the hardest companies to work for. Luckily for me I live in a rural enough area where the job description could only have meant one place. So I contacted a friend at the company to help grease my name across HR when Manpower submitted it and behold - the job wasn't open - wasn't even close! I contacted my source at Manpower and began researching some of the other jobs listed. Turns out they were making jobs up to build their resume database so they could go back to the legit employers and say [we have over 1,000 potential candidates for your company - pay us to hire for you!] Hundreds of people where submitting information with 0% chance of ever getting a job. I filed a complaint with the state and Manpower has subsequentially black-listed me from being employeed by any of their contracts.
  • Fromwhatisee in Charleston, Illinois 1 month ago
    If they DO find a job for you they take %25 right off the top. I would not even work for a company that uses these idiots.
  • Should I be worrying? – 6 replies
    soulpaintedwings in Evansville, Indiana 2 months ago
    I tentatively have the job in the call center for One of our banks via Manpower but I have to pass a background check and a credit check before I can even do a drug screen. I fear I won't pass the credit check and if they see I have garnishments?! I fear I'm sunk. I can't even be excited about it. Manpower said they'd get back with me next week. What are they looking for exactly? My background check should be fine, aside from some small court claims stuff, which I'm working out with them. I have been unemployed four months and temp job or not, I can still get caught up.
  • Downright disgusted in Livermore, California 2 months ago
    First of all, they post jobs they don't have and use the switch and bait technique when you come for an interview. If the job is posted at 12 dollars per hour, it becomes 9 when you walk through the door. Secondly, They give you a worthless three hour test that regardless of how you do, you still get a crummy 8 or 9 an hour. These grotesque looking obese STAFFING AGENTS talk down to you as if you were less than garbage. If you stand up for yourself or if refuse there crummy offers, They either throw you out, leave you in an interview room by yourself without ever returning or end the conversation abruptly while your pleading for a job. The STAFFING AGENTS at manpower are really pimps who have the interests of the client company in mind. Many times these nazis are in bed with the client company. (ie they have personal relationships and go out to dinner with the people they are sending you to work for).IF YOUR THINKING ABOUT MANPOWER REMEMBER THAT!!!!!! moreover, I have noticed how people in this forum often call these tubs of lard "RECRUITERS" THEY ARE NOT RECRUITERS. recruiters are professional headhunters that supply educated people with college degrees to companies who are looking for people with a certain set of skills. THE PARASITES AT MANPOWER ARE STAFFING AGENTS THAT SUPPLY DEAD END JOBS THAT THEY THEMSELVES WOULD NEVER DO IN A MILLION YEARS TO PEOPLE WHO DO NOT KNOW ANY BETTER OR ARE DESPERATE TO START WORKING IN CONCLUSION YOU DONT NEED MANPOWER YOU CAN DO BETTER FINDNG A JOB BY YOURSELF OR POSSIBLY JOINING A UNION.
  • Manpower SuckS! – 34 replies
    Dissatisfied in Livermore, California 3 months ago
    Well regarding Manpower in the Bronx, I will tell you this much, they change managers and staff, I like you change pampers on a baby. However, I have never had success with them. I will not put there names out there as to whom and what.. But don't bother it is a waste of your time. They claim that they have positions available prefably in the hospital, let's say you apply today you won't hear from them in 6 months time... Just horrible.
  • Dissatisfied in Livermore, California 3 months ago
    I was chosen by Manpower in New York for their "Circle of Excellence" award. I was shocked and awed at the $15.00 (Yes, fifteen dollars) gift certificate they gave me. A year and two months with no raise on a job that was underpaid. I was asked to stay permanently on this job but it's like being invited to board a sinking ship. I haven't found anything else because of limitations from health problems (No health insurance of course.) and lack of skills. Manpower is the worst of this slave industry called Temping. Hold out for a real job, if you can find one.
  • Getting in... – 49 replies
    Dissatisfied in Livermore, California 3 months ago
  • Fight For Your Rights in California 4 months ago
    I have spoken with the Manpower Recruiter a number of times over last two months ... I initially responded to an ad for an Experienced Executive Assistant. I industry and skill qualified with many years of experience! The recruiter contacted me, tested me, agreed that I was qualified and supposedly submitted my resume. I have waited and called - waited and called - nothing! This AD - two months later is still appearing on the job boards. I have contacted the Recruiter so many times, inquiring about my application, that the Recruiter finally admitted that this job is posted just to get people in the door! There is NO JOB! Personally I think this is BAD BUSINESS PRACTICE !!!! and hugely MISLEADING!!!! I spend hour upon hour EVERY day on the job boards looking for a job, submitting applications and sending emails, making phone calls and I feel this practice is TOTALLY UNETHICAL. I wonder how many other agencies are doing the same thing??? I wonder how many hours are wasted by all of us applying for positions that don't exist???
  • Dontbelieveit in Crazyhorse, Indiana 5 months ago
    Just saw a job posting for a Quality Analysis with a bachlors degree with CMM experience and the pay was $12 an hour. Please manpower, explain to me just how you can post that and not expect people to laugh right in your face. I can understand paying a crap wage for a piece of meat to work on a line, but dear God, that is a skilled position and you want to pay that? Seriously, you temp guys need to pull your heads out of your ass and understand what the job/skills are before posting some slap in the face wage in my example. **Bangs head on table**
  • Fight For Your Rights in Lake Forest, California 5 months ago
    While I can't claim to provide an 'all inclusive' list, I can help shed light on some possible reasons why you might not have been called. When Manpower posts an ad for a position, our client has some very specific requirements. Those that respond as well as those that have already applied within Manpower are all possible candidates for any position. We then evaluate the skill levels required versus those that are available for work and take into account their work history with us (if any), testing results and the interview with us to determine which candidates we might refer to a particular job. Another possibility is the response of our client to a resume. We typically ask for resumes in MS Word because more and more clients wish to review resumes this way. They are able to see for themselves a candidates skill levels in MS Word by evaluating the tabs, spell check, margins, etc. that can be reviewed in this format. Sometimes, if there is are discrepancies in what they perceive as correct formatting, that may cause the client to "pass" on your resume. Other times, we don't receive specific feedback even when a client decides to go with another candidate. In any case, I want to reiterate, this list is not all inclusive. Your best feedback will come by contacting your local Manpower office to seek an answer to your own personal situation. I've also read some postings indicating their problems with why testing is done or why it's important. When a client of ours asks for specific skills or degree of expertise, our testing can help evaluate your skills to compare. If your testing results do not match the needs/expectations of our client, then we may not be able to refer your resume to our client. In any case, if you haven't been contacted or referred to a job since applying, please contact your local office and ask. Someone should be able to help answer your questions and perhaps give you some of that feedback.
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