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Apply elsewhere
applied and interview for customer assistant (Former Employee), brother hood park peterboroughNovember 13, 2014
Pros: free lunch toast big woop
Cons: one 30 min brake and changed job roll and shift times. and didn't pay
I applied for a customer service roll on line and got the interview.
I passed my interview with no trouble. In the interview they told me i would be doing late's so from around 1-2pm to 9-10 pm. This was great as I told them I use 2 buses to travel to work.
On my first day they changed my job roll to warehouse operations that was not the roll I applied or interviewed for and changed my hours to 6am- 2pm. on top of this you only get one brake every 8 hours and your working for 6:64 a hour. I told them I was unhappy with the changes and I cant work at 6 because the soonest I could get there is 7:25 using the soonest buses they let me work for the day and refused to change my shifts so I was forced to quit.
To top it off they also refused to pay me for my first day.
The ware house there is mind numbing and you feel your self getting dumber by the hour
Job Work/Life Balance
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Worst company ever
Customer Assistant (Former Employee), ChelmsfordSeptember 29, 2014
The biggest tip I can give is Never work for M&S, or even apply.
If possible I would of gave a 0 rating

The staff are all very hard working, but receive zero gratitude or feedback from any managers, unless it's negative and they want your head on the blocks

The company stands for nothing and will take you for everything they can once you leave the company

I was there 2 years and on my last day not one manager came to say goodbye, thankyou or good luck, just ignored me

If you're looking for praise for your work then you will only receive it from the customers and M&S is not for you

Absolutely horrific experience, the things they get away with is diabolical.

Worst workplace I have ever encountered
Job Work/Life Balance
Job Security/Advancement
Job Culture
A disillusioning experience
Customer assistant (Former Employee), Reading, Broad st,November 5, 2013
Pros: lovely colleagues
Cons: horrible management, incompetant payroll, mind numbing work
I have worked for M&S for 8 weeks as a Christmas Temp.

The pay and conditions are poor. Pay is £6.54. a hour. 30 minute break in 8 hours.

Felt pretty much like being back at school - you have your nose to the grindstone for every single moment of your working day.
The management are very poor indeed, they will hardly speak to the temps unless it is to tell you to do something.
The work is basic, unskilled and mind numbing ; i.e checking the expiry dates of mountains of frozen meat.

They didn't give me fleece to wear (they said they had none left as they were changing over the uniform shortly) so I provided my own (identical apart from their logo) they would not let me wear it, nor would they give me one. It was very cold. Eventually a colleague lent me one.

They asked me to work extra hours, but did not pay me for them - three weeks worth of extra hours. I would ask again and again. They still owe me 20 hours money.

They got my name wrong on my staff discount card and in all of my records.

My co-workers though, were lovely, and the only saving grace of this job, the worst I have ever had.
Job Work/Life Balance
Job Security/Advancement
Job Culture
Great customer assistants, poor commercial managers
Customer Assistant (Former Employee), BerkshireOctober 24, 2012
Pros: 20% discount on joining
Cons: no positive feedback, rely on managers to be promoted even when passing online interview/assessment, staff morale so low new starters leave after first month.
M & S? More like S & M!
You don't receive your first two weeks salary until you've resigned from the company. So that may be years before you see it.

Typical day at work - coming in and preparing the staffing for the nights delivery. Invariably the delivery would be late and much larger than expected. Staff absence was fairly high so juggling was regularly done.
What I learned - I have a huge capacity for patience...probably why I stayed as long as i did - expecting things to improve. I also taught myself many of the things they were supposed to teach me but somehow never had the time.
Management – more... - Upper management had no clue about what was actually going on on the shop floor as they rarely interacted with the customer assistants. You could only approach them for the needs of the business if your section manager was absent. Otherwise 'do not disturb'.
Co-Workers - very hard-working, going above and beyond what was required of them. I shall miss them
Hardest part of the job - not being thanked for my team doing a good job. I found it very dis-heartening as I believe praise is a good motivator.
Most enjoyable part of the job - Clocking out and going home at the end of my shift.

Like others, the first couple of years were great; so much so that I decided to stay. (Big mistake). From the third to fifth year we had a succession of managers on my department who changed the way things were done on a whim. They didn't bother to get to know the staff and wouldn't acknowledge them on the shop floor unless it was to complain about something they believed should have been done sooner (all this whilst they were doing their work)
Cutbacks from head office meant there were never enough staff in place to get all the required work done in time or to serve the customers. Their solution? Bi-monthly through the night shifts to clear the over-crowded and very unsafe stock-room. And you were expected to come to work and do your shift the next day with less than the 12 hours rest break as stated by law.
Low staff morale meant customer service was poor as its difficult to smile when a manager has just told you off for your area not being tidy when you have customer fittings to do and therefore no time to do your standards.
If staff resigned they weren't replaced. This meant you were suddenly doing the work of three people while they cut back on costs.
No pay slip was ever the same and this was when you worked the same hours every month. If you did overtime, you could spend up to a year chasing them for it and then they'd tell you that too much time had passed so you weren't getting it OR as the manager who agreed the overtime had now moved to a different branch and as their request (for you to do overtime) was verbal - again - they weren't going to honour it.
It was difficult to get your hours changed as 'people who were there longer' were given that opportunity. That wasn't true as people joining the company would invariably get the hours you had spent years requesting.
Bullying is rife from some managers. There's no point in raising a formal complaint as it 'conveniently' disappears.
I left a permanent contract with them to take a job with a competitor on a temporary contract and less pay as I'd had enough. And in this economic climate, that says a lot.
The straw that broke the camel's back? My new manager constantly fixing my clothes. I dislike being touched by people who aren't my friends or family and that invasion of my personal space was literally the last straw.
I feel for the staff who are still there as they clearly state that if they could go elsewhere they would and that they are only there to ensure they can pay their bills. That to me is a clear sign of a business in trouble.
I don't know what happened to M&S but if things continue in their current vein, they will go the way of the dinosaur. – less

March 31, 2013

I agree with everything you say and can relate totally. I am bullied every day by my manager ( who also constantly fiddles with my clothes...what IS that all about??). My shifts are erratic (and I'm talking changing them until midnight, not just an hour or two) and the lack of HR means there is no one to talk to. It's a nightmare, I'm literally there for the money.

April 3, 2013

I'm currently working nights and my line managers are bullies but it doesn't stop me from sticking up for myself and standing my ground. I won't put up with it. I work hard in my opinion. -->(that's what I get paid for) but not to do two or three persons work load and Of course she's pushing for more but I just ignore it.The payment aren't that great at night that they can push me to do more and more work.I did complained about her but nothing came out realy positive from it, and certainly nothing i didn't already know Or anything helpful. So basically I just do, what I've been advised to do which I already knew in the first place. In the mean time i'm looking for new job.As for the store and this is where I agree with u most is Cutbacks from head office meant there were never enough staff in place to get all the required work done in time becuase of mismanaged staff rotas. Night deliverys weren't in the system. I had a phone calls at 21:30 from my line manager on my day off. She didn't know that i was on holiday that week she called. It was booked on my behalf. I could go on and on...