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1940- Matlock operated under their auspices until 1940, when, due to a difference of opinion between GM and the Roosevelt Administration concerning monopolistic practices, it was divested to a long time GM employee, Mr. J. Bruce Matlock.

1941- Mr. Matlock, seeking to diversify into lines other than those exclusive to General Motors, changed the name to Matlock Electric Co. In the later part of that year, America found itself engaged in World War Two. As many businesses of that era, Matlock Electric was involved in the epic effort of manufacturing small parts for national defense, as well as, engaging in the repair of small industrial motors in support of the war effort.

Early 1950's- Motor manufacturers introduced rolled steel and die cast construction into the design of electric motors, thus creating what has come to be known as the first throwaway product.

1950-1960- At the conclusion of the wartime hostilities, Matlock found itself in a niche in the remanufacturing of service product motors for the domestic appliance industries. Matlock was one of the largest remanufacturers of this type of equipment in the United States. At that time, we are told that nearly 85% of the production of the firm was for three customers, Sears Roebuck & Co., Montgomery Ward, and the R.C.A. Service Co.

1963- The Matlock family sold the assets of the Matlock Electric Co. to a new entity, The Matlock Electric Co., Inc., an Ohio corporation. Less than a year later, the company was sold to Tom Geoppinger, and the Geoppinger family has retained the firm to this day.

1965- Matlock Electric positioned its market geographically in the states of Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, West Virginia, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. Within these areas, it has provided sales, service and professional asset management of electrical systems to the food, utility, machine tool, wire drawing, and elevator industries, to name a few. For over 40 years, Matlock Electric, has been in the forefront of the developments which led to computerized quality control of motor remanufacturing processes such as vacuum pressure impregnation (VPI), automated coil winding, precision balancing, and most recently, the thermal trending of manufacturing processes.

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