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We provide services across the entire state and what we do on the direct service side is very individualized supports within remote community settings - the ability to have a system that crosses the state, that we can put all of the information we need to in one place. We can have a leader in Wilmington, North Carolina look at the same information in – more... real time as somebody that's out in the mountains of western North Carolina absolutely allows us to, one, have confidence that we have the right information, confidence that we have the compliance information, even better, the opportunity to make good decisions and to have our staff aligned in the right places. We don't have to have people centralized, we can do a much more decentralized kind of staffing that works well for us. That to me is the number one benefit. The change to a system that's user friendly and has the kind of bells and whistles that MediSked (Connect) has and have only touched the surface. To be able to do that in our world, North Carolina is a very large and diverse state so we need that kind of access.

How has MediSked met or exceeded your expectations as being a partner with you during this time?

Before the call I made sure I talked to Liz Boltz, who has headed our team to pull this off and tried to ask her the tough questions and tried to get her to say something negative about MediSked, but couldn't. And I say that in a very positive light. What has been different about our partnership, frankly, than most other kinds of operations, implementations we've done - in particular on the IT side, is that you guys have said and delivered on what you said you would. I'm actually going through another system right now on the housing side, property management, the system itself is probably fine but the support, training and technical assistance that's available is really lousy. That seems to be the norm. But, for you guys it's been - very seldom do people under promise and over deliver and I think that's what we're seeing with you.

If you knew what you know now about going through a transition to an MCO model, what would you do differently in any aspect of your agency (aka lessons learned)?

The most important thing we would have done, we would have started with you guys a couple years earlier. However a state implements this, however changes take place, the kind of systems an organization has is the most critical piece and to have a system like MediSked (Connect) in place before you start this transition actually would have made our lives so much easier. So were trying to get our folks to use it and do all the transitioning we're doing with MediSked, which everybody sees as a great benefit at the same time the (MCO) transition is happening. That's not the right way to do it. We would have started earlier and had you guys in place to begin with - that would have been the best thing to have done.

Any other comments that would be helpful to agencies in states where this model is going to be occurring?

If folks have any questions, please feel free to call. I would be happy to talk to anybody.

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