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Teacher, Remote - July 27, 2015
I worked for this company for a year as a teacher. I was hired on and promised 16k for the year, then a few months later (when I was invested and couldn't leave students) many of us had our salaries lowered by 2/3 to 6k. Enrollment issues, they said; not as many students as expected. Well, I had counted on that income and had turned down another job. They still said we weren't doing enough work and we had to volunteer to do more. I thought that's why they cut pay in the first place.
There are about 6 different learning platforms with different operating systems and different quirks and requirements. They explained why this was necessary, but it seems quite unnecessary to me. Even the course content varies according to platform, so you can't get a handle on the material and assignments your students are doing, if they're doing it at all. It makes working and figuring out the "system" rather difficult and extremely stressful. My real and only point of contact was my lead teacher, who was expected to fix any problem that any of us had and had about 7 different jobs herself. She did decently, but how much can she really be expected to do for me under those conditions? Worst of all, the students just didn't sign in to do work. I spent a large amount of my time recording "live sessions" to students who never did show up, not once, and filling out reports about truants. Students' mentors almost never respond to emails, and Middlebury usually had the wrong email addresses for them anyway. One finally noticed her students weren't doing anything and insisted on conference calls on Christmas eve. Basically, high stress, minimal direction and apathetic and unpoliced students.