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General Studies Department Chair, Wilmington, NC - July 2, 2015
Teaching is something I really enjoy. I am great at it. My current position has been rewarding on so many levels it's hard to pin it down. My schedule varies and I like the quick pace of the writing courses in particular. Every new semester brings new energy and enthusiasm. I enjoy not having set times and look forward to a varied sequence of events. My students are wonderfully engaged, for the most part, and teach me through real life events, as well as academics.My co-workers share with me technique and help me to maintain a personal interest via shared curriculum, exercises, classroom ideas. Most days going to work is a pleasure for me.

The hardest part is leaving it behind. When a student doesn't perform or has personal issues that cannot be resolved it takes its toll. Having a giant stack of research essays can also be a dread, but when they are great I celebrate and learn from their efforts.