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Very awesome at first, now it is all politics
Travel Agent, Montrose, CA - June 12, 2015
They post internal jobs first, make you go through hoops, apply, write a paragraph as to why you're a fit for that position. You get an interview and weeks later they post stating a Joe-Shmoe off the streets got the position you applied for that has ZERO experience in what they require for that position.... Basically there is no room for you to grow. They make you take on many accounts, making exchanges all at once without getting a raise. New employees get paid more than the senior agents, there are no incentives, no perks, the place just makes you feel like chopped liver.

The people are awesome, truly treat you like family. management hides many things from the owner, when a email goes out to the owner you, the agent get your butt chewed out by supervisors and managers as you are not to communicate with the owner at all. The owner has no idea what goes on in LOYALTY.

The calls are easy, the people are great, the clients are awesome and the job is easy-if you know what you are doing. the work load is way too much without any appreciation showed. Team meetings are canceled every week, but when we have one a specific supervisor just reminds us constantly on how we are ALL replaceable and our job is not secure. There is no motivation to be and do your best. That specific supervisor never fails to mention how replaceable we are and how there are people waiting in line for our position and how the owner and management will choose a multi-million dollar account over its agents any day. All said and done, When I started years ago it was nice, we were a family, we loved going to work. We had down time to talk to each other, bounce ideas, and learn new techniques. now things have changed and I am happy I no longer work there and I am working for JPL.


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