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About MoovWeb


Moovweb is a heavy hitter in the mobile industry. We've served billions of pages. We've mobilized some pretty big names. And we're just getting started.

Moovweb is working hard to change the face of the web. Our platform allows us to transform existing websites. The goal of our platform is to make developing and delivering amazing
 – more... user experiences faster, better, smarter, and fun. The technology we use to make these websites is very powerful and something we want to share with the world.

Our technology has two primary components -- our transformation language and our cloud. Our cloud is a real time proxy that transforms the content (text/html/etc) on the fly. We write the transformations w our language -- 'tritium' -- which is something we've been working on / using for the past 3 years. Hampton Catlin (the haml/sass guy) joined us early on and spear headed the language development.

We've just launched our self-serve SDK & cloud hosting into public beta. Now anyone in the world can download our SDK and push their transformed sites to live URLs! Deployment is just a 'git push' which makes seeing the results super snappy. This is a very cool milestone for us. – less

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